Selling to a LGS

Hi all, I am working on paring down my collection and have roughly 150 raw cards and 30 slabs I am looking to move.

Due to the volume I don’t want to piece these out one by one so I’m just trying to get a range of what card shops tend to offer as a % of market value if I were to take it to them too sell?

All raw cards are vintage holos (penny sleeved in top loaders) average (conservative) market price is about $18 per card.

Slabs are a mixed bag of modern and vintage but average market price is about $60 based on the average of the previous 3 sales.

Just looking for opinions of what a reasonable expectation of market value would be for something like this?


You’re looking at ~60% from most LGS. If the cards are highly desirable, you can work up to 70% or even 80%. But I would go in expecting to get 60%-70%. If the raw cards are not near mint, expect even less as they will be difficult to sell for the store.


Thanks for the info! I was expecting about 50 - 60. Do they typically try to haggle one by one in your experience?

Some cards are much more desirable than others. I am hoping if I go in with reasonable expectations about the lot as a whole I can make a deal for all of them because going back and forth card by card 180 times would be…exhausting

I would split your collection into the desirable vs. undesirable cards. That will make the conversation easier. Most stores will focus on the desirable (and expensive) cards one by one, and then will give you a set rate for the undesirable ones.

Some store owner(s)/worker(s) are nicer than others. If you don’t have an ongoing relationship with the store/owner(s), they may be less likely to negotiate and haggle. If they’re friendly, they may be a little flexible.

It also depends on how busy they are when you come in. If you’re taking hours of their time to sell a couple of hundred dollars worth of cards, they’re not going to be interested in haggling at all.

Thanks! This is all very helpful!

Also sorry if I’m not quoting this correctly. I need to revisit the forum navigation crash course :sweat_smile:

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Happy to help! I hope that you’re able to get what you’re looking for out of the sale. :smiley:

Offering to sell always puts you at a disadvantage, 2nd hand dealers will always offer to buy in at very low prices. Do not expect high prices.

Therefore, it is recommended to sell on your own via ebay or FB or some websites.

And if your cards are really high end and rare, why not consider consigning to auctionhouses?

Why not just fire sale 7 day auctions on eBay, will probably net you more

Selling on eBay can be a huge hassle. 1099s if you go over $600, fees, non-paying buyers, shipping everything yourself, dealing with refunds/picky customers, etc. If the OP has already decided to sell to an LGS to avoid all of this, telling them “you’ll get more selling elsewhere” isn’t going to help.

Sometimes it makes more sense to sell to an LGS for less to avoid all those problems. I’ve done it before when I didn’t want to deal with selling certain items on eBay and was happy to take a price hit to shift that onto someone else.

I agree that 50-60% of market value will be likely. Maybe 50% for the stuff that’s less than $20 per card, 60% for the stuff that’s over $20. I don’t see you getting any higher than that with the values you’ve mentioned.



If you want to sell all at one and maximize profits it might not be best to sell to a lgs, but sell to other resellers. Depending on the cards I have seen people offer 60 to 80 percent. If you make a post on facebook with a tcgplayer list of the raw cards and say that it is for sale for 70 percent that might net you more whilst still releasing you of a lot of hassle.


Not sure if it is practiced in US, you may choose to meet up to transact to avoid alot of hassles.

Sell only to your own local area/city when you list on some website, you can specify to meet up locally to transact. On day of transaction, buyer examines the card, if satisfied, buyer then handover payment in cash to seller.