Best place to sell cards

So in the past I’ve sold a ton of items on ebay and it was a good experience for the most part.
Recently I’ve been frustrated with how hard it is to get views on my items and the increased fees and little hidden fees they get you for. I’m looking for other options. What are some other places to sell and still get market prices for your items? I know for raw cards you can sell on tcgplayer but that’s english only. I have a lot of Japanese cards too. Also I would need to sell a mix of raw and graded cards. I recently sent 5x PSA graded cards to PWCC to see how to those do. I’m hopeful that process will go well as they seem to just generally be a better company to work with than ebay. But I’d love to hear others’ suggestions and experiences. Thanks


Depending on the value of the graded cards, consignment companies are currently in a race for lower fees. ZandG and Probstein have the lowest fees for auction and obviously get good eyeballs on their listings and tons and tons of feedback. Ketchumall does auction and BIN consignments. Pwcc as you mentioned, does as well. Thankfully there are lots of options now for those that don’t want the hassle of selling on eBay (myself included)


This is great to know! Do you know the rough fee % most of these consignment companies or individuals are charging?

ebay has indeed become a hassle. And it’s tough to get views now for some reason. I used to get lots of watchers and views and now my items sit. Even with a $0.99 auction start I was getting 1 view each on Kanazawa promos and a Koraidon promo that I put a lot of detail into. Very frustrating.

Yep I do!

ZandG is 13.9% for anything over $100 and 8.9% for anything over $1000. They now do 5% for over $5000 as well.

Probstein is tiered:

Ketchumall does 5% for all BIN above $250 value and 20% on auction consignments.


This is great info and very competitive pricing with selling it yourself on ebay!

Graded Cards Specifically
I have been using PWCC exclusively and havn’t had too many issues, every now and then, we get nonpayers which can be very annoying and they automatically relist it for you. Honestly, that is a small annoyance to me personally but I do not have to do any of the work except send the cards in for at least graded cards. Just wanted to post some previous sales to get you the idea, the number on the right is the Seller Net:

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That’s awesome! PWCC seems like a very good route for the graded cards. I like they handle the listing which should give both buyer and seller confidence. Seems like fair value prices for you too!

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And just to add, zandg and ketchum don’t do raw but probstein will as long as it has an expected value above $200

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Ok rats sounds like j still need to find a solution for my sub $200 raw cards. Darn.

These rates are so crazy! If they can offer 5% fees to buyers they must be getting like 99% of the sale prices themselves

Don’t know the validity of the statement but I read someplace they pay ebay 2.7%. Again no clue if that’s true but yeah it’s a small margin but obviously tons of volume to make up for it lol

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Probstein does insane volume. I wouldn’t be surprised if he is doing 100m annually at this point. He is paying 3% max. Also eBay is desperate right now to keep sellers; they are more flexible with fees than they ever have been.

@timewaster1700 Unfortunately there is no good option for raw low value cards. Even as someone like myself who has outlets to sell, most of my raw cards just sit in storage.


Probstein was at $160 million in 2021. Probably above $200 million nowadays.


I figured. I remember seeing an interview with him a couple years ago and thought he said over 100m but wasn’t sure. That dude is a machine!


If I remember correctly, PWCC was over $200 million when they were kicked off of eBay. I’m curious how they’re stacking up to Probstein in 2023.


Darn I guess it makes sense. Thanks for chiming in. Always helpful to see what the experienced folks have found. Looks like the low value I’ll have to likely sell at a loss on ebay myself.

is there a good way to auction off a binder? i wasnt planning on selling these, but i recently had to spend a good chunk of my change for a friends wedding present so i have to let some things go.

There are a few pages of english vintage and modern (some in LP/MP condition), but i’d say 70% is vintange JP holo cards as seen in album. I dont think most consignment places sell binder collections, and im a bit nervous auctioning it off ebay because ive had some auctions go the wrong way just because it happened to be an off week or something like that.

Binders are always tricky in my opinion. For the best value you would have to put in the time and research and piece each card one by one for appropriate value based on condition and market which is what you are trying to avoid I assume.

If you threw your binder in an auction of any kind you might hit a high price if your cards draw a lot of attention which would require maybe consignment (if you can find one that will do a binder). Binders are not the best because the buyer will have to assume the condition based off your description and pictures you provide. Honestly I would think you would get a lot of complaints if like for example the buyer expected higher condition cards but was disappointed, so I would be careful how you describe the condition going this route.

If you want to sell at a somewhat loss you can always do in person sales to card shops or booths during a convention. This way the buyer will know exactly what he/she is getting avoiding any online complaints. Another option is to trade the binder for a single (or multiple) graded card and consolidate the value into something easier to auction off. I feel trades are more lax because its goods for goods leaves room for some negotiations.

The short answer is there a “good” way to auction a binder, depends on your definition of good but probably a no. Auctions by definition offer liquidity but comes with the risk of selling below market value. Also, it invites risk of condition complainers since auctions are mostly online. You can always throw it on auction and set a minimum threshold which might just result in your binder in an endless auction.

If this were me, I would try to trade or sell at a slight loss in person if I were trying to dump the cards quickly.


i dont want to sell to a card shop thats going to offer me 30-35% of the market value, and unfortunately, theres no convention nearby me. I will probably just take my chance and auction it on ebay because id like to use part of the funds for the cost of attending my friends wedding. and as i mentioned before, i spent a good amount of change buying my friends wedding gift. if i could spend the time finding the right buyer and grading some of these cards, i definitely would. ill probably end up just rolling the dice and hope it doesnt sell way below what its worth.

the problem with adding a reserve price is that it gets expensive really quick on ebay. might try finding a local buyer, but my luck with local fb buyers have been less than a stellar experience 9/10 times.


I wish you the best!

I would try to advertise the cards more on other social platforms to get some eyes on it. It looks like you have a great selection of cards and I think a lot of people would love to acquire them if they saw it.