Selling sealed (heavy) packs in 2024

G’day y’all,

how do you guys go about selling sealed booster packs these days, especially heavy ones?
I’m worried it’s still quite easy to get scammed by buyers where they open the pack, replace the cards and claim it to have been resealed.
Is that still possible on ebay?

I’d prefer to sell it, but not if there’s a high risk of getting scammed.

Cheers, muk


The best solution would be to sell to a trusted member on e4.

The second best solution would be to consign the heavy pack to a seller that lists the weight or ‘heavy’ in the listing like @TCAGaming.


Thank you for your response. So does this mean ebay is essentially still the wild west? Sadly, consignments in the US are hardly feasible from Germany.
While I agree that selling to a member would be ideal, it’s easier said than done when there’s no section for selling.

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eBay is still the wild west. If you sell a pack to a buyer and they say that you lied about something after opening it up within 72 hours, you’re pretty screwed.

It might be possible for you to submit to Heritage? They list the grams of loose packs.

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As a last resort you could sell to a LGS for 75% of recent eBay sales? Not the most profitable route. But quick and reliable.

Thank you aswell, but I really don’t know of any LGS within 100 kilometers from my place. AFAIK they aren’t really a thin here outside of the biggest major cities.

Anyway, I may aswell keep it or open it myself if there’s no easy way of selling :relieved:


I’d say best bet would be going to a convention down the line, would be easier for sure!


That might actually be an option! I’ll see if a convention pops up anywhere near me. Thanks!

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