Selling personal info question

I recently got a few sets of complete grand party promos with the books. The books have addresses, names, birth dates etc in Japanese of the original kids who sent them in to Pokémon to redeem the promo.

Is this an issue for selling? If so is there a way to sell someone a set without defacing the collectible?

Picture in link below (address and info not in photo in case it’s now allowed)

Thank you,

Most of those kids are dead now, go for it

Does anyone remember when phone books used to post everyone’s name phone number and address for the public? It almost seems shocking now, with everyone so worried about their personal information getting out.

If there’s a famous persons name in the book, don’t sell it without blocking that information, otherwise I doubt anyone will actually do anything with the information.

If it really bothers you, you can always just blur it out in any photos

Thanks for the responses everyone! Just wanted to make sure it was okay. I can’t read Japanese so regarding famous people I don’t think I’ll be able to tell haha.