Selling help

I am a new member. Perhaps I don’t belong. I used to buy cards for my son when he was little and once he opened up enough boxes to complete his collection, I just put the others away.

I read through the rules and understand I can’t list or sell any items here, but would love to hear your opinions on good places to check into. I would prefer to find a shop near me where I can do business in person, but would consider online if it is the best option.

Any advice or guidance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for taking the time to respond.

I am not even sure what exactly I have.


eBay would be the best place to start selling or viewing current prices.

Welcome to the forum!

The main reason we require to 100 posts to have access to the selling forums is: this is a Pokemon card forum first and foremost (i.e collecting, sharing information etc.) and was not intended to be for selling…that is a perk of being an active member and to encourage participation.

As cujucuyo, I would definitely consider eBay and to a lesser extent Craigslist. If you can take photos of your cards or try to describe what you have, I’m sure we can do our best to help you out.

Thank you for the input.

Based on what I have seen on EBay and your request to describe what I have…

I have 7 total boxes unopened with the Wizards of the Coast wrap still on them. All are base set boxes. One is a Fossil box, 5 have blue winged Charizards on the box and one has a green winged Charizard. Others reference “shadowless” cards. I am not sure what those are, but they say the odds of having some increase with the green winged box.

Does anyone know what “shadowless” cards are???

Do you have images of your boxes?

Hello and welcome:)

Post a picture here of all the base set boxes in one photo. It’s very easy.
You’ll get a lot more help here that way. We’ll watch for it.

I am not very astute when it comes to imaging. When I have tried to send images before or post them online, it walways tells me the “file is too large”. I will try and post some images, but not sure if I can get it to work.

Can anyone easily explain how he can post a single pictured of his 5 or 6 boxes all together? I’d really like to see that picture first before commenting more on his post.

The boxes actually say “shadowless” or “shadowless cards” on the side?

Hopefully this image will give you an idea what I have. Any input is welcome. Thank you.

I think you have 1 shadowless box. more value in that