Seller Trying to Get his Card Back/Shipping Issues

So I bought a card part cash/part trade. I sent the trade international April 18th and it hasn’t moved out of Miami since then. I told the seller I’d send him cash by next week for the agreed trade value. He wants his card back now because he feels he sold it too cheap and wants to refund me the part I paid and have the card sent to his middleman. Am I in the wrong here to refuse?

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Nope you have every right to refuse.


You did nothing wrong. Sounds greedy to me.


Yup I thought as much. But man this is going to not be fun to try to resolve. His options are to take the cash value of the trade I offered or follow up on his threat to send the money back and be out $750 + a $750 card. I think he’s got no choice.

So the cards you sent him were not received? and you’re trying to pay him cash value of those cards to make up for it?

I think he has the moral right to refuse cash as the deal specified he would receive these cards, if you wish to keep his card then you should repurchase the cards that were lost and send them to him.


If you have the card, don’t be bullied into sending it back since you fulfilled the original agreement.

That does make some sense too. I sent him booster packs with an agreed trade value of $350. He did acknowledge international shipping was risky and claimed the package as a gift with $85 in value. The problem is the booster packs are now like 650 instead of 350, which is not something I can buy for him again.

I didn’t really fulfill it since the trade never got to him. He’s just refusing to be compensated for the agreed trade value because he wants the card back due to its increased value.

Well it was your responsibility to get the items to him, which you did not do, he loses out on this as prices on both items involved in the trade have risen in value, and you stand to gain. Since you are the one who failed to meet the expectations you should be the one losing out.

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Well without directly flying to Australia I did everything to fulfill my responsibilities. We both agreed upon the method of delivery at the time. It is USPS who prevented it from being fulfilled and all I can do is offer to compensate for the loss of the items. It’s the seller’s choice to refuse compensation just as it I think its my choice to refuse a return the item if they refuse to be compensated. All in all I guess there are no winners here. I just needed more diverse views on it which is why I asked for them. I will think about the situation some more.


USPS losing your item is your problem.

your trade partner upheld his end of the deal but you didn’t, the trade is null and void, each party should return each other’s items that they received


So if I’m reading everything right even if you give the money back the booster packs were worth he or she still has a very likely chance to still recieve them just delayed?

I’m expecting them lost at this point since every other item Ive sent after I sent that package April 18th took less than 20 days to get to Asia/Oceania. Doesn’t even look like they left the Miami international distribution center yet. I said I was going to pay their agreed value at the time and if they ever got there he could refund me.

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Sounds horrible crappy situation to be in. I hope tracking updates soon

If you insuranced the package tell him to file a claim, why should you now be out of the items you sent if lost in the mail and be out of the card for which you traded. This is why I would strictly use ebay as my middleman to protect both me the seller and the buyer.


Not an answer to your question, but I also have experienced a delay for a package going through Miami International. Last update was on 25th of April when it apparently departed. Not sure I trust the updates though. Anyway, I just hope it’s delayed, and not lost or stolen

In all honesty, I think you’re in the right here.

Items getting lost is a fair risk involved in every possible deal. On a side note: I agree with Gary here, waiting it out would be a good approach during these strange times. I’m also still waiting for a package from Gary that was sent early April. It happens, I wouldn’t stress it.

Your trade partner had the possibility to pay for any type of shipping, and have any value declared. They could have decided to pay for a more expensive priority type of shipping, and have the full value of the goods declared, in order to minimize those risks. Instead, they chose not to do so, and avoid paying higher import fees & taxes, at the price of an increased risk. This was the choice of your trade partner, not yours.

I think you’re being more than reasonable by even offering what you’re already offering, and you wouldn’t have the obligation to do so in the first place.

The reality of the situation is: your trade partner chose to have it shipped with a declared value of $85. They can now file a claim, or you can (not sure who has to do this, the sender?) for this $85. That’s the money that should go to your trade partner.


If the value of the lost item is now $650, then that is how much you need to compensate. you sent the booster packs and he did not receive them. Its you’r fault you didn’t insure the items for the right amount. this situation is 100% on you, to do the right thing, which is to send his card back, or send $650 compensation for the lost items. Its quite simple.

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I think some are being a little rude here and jumping the gun. For example @sam608, if the other person in the trade requested or agreed the value of the item to be lower to avoid taxes then at that point they accepted the price of the goods being sent to be less. Without knowing the exact agreement we cant tell.

The main thing you have here OP is the possibility it still could be delivered, there is many examples showing delayed parcels with no tracking updates till they physically move.

After that it really depends on what you agreed on, if the other person requested lower value to avoid taxes then they can been seen at fault for the difference lost from claimable value to actual card value at the point of the deal.

The fact he wants the card back because of the increased value makes me wonder what he would want if the reverse has happened and it had plummeted, he would probably take the cash.

If you both agreed to lowering the value in insurance, then you both should be splitting the loss evenly. If his card to you was the lost one, would he take it on the chin and give you yours back?