Seeking more info on this

Does anyone have any information on when and how this mobile device strap thing was released? Are there others as well? I seem to be quite attached to the mini-ness of the cards. Thanks in advance! :blush:

… I am also curious of this…

Is this a picture you took yourself or something you found online? And if you took it yourself, where did you find it?

There was an auction iirc on the GAT. I think it went for an exorbitant price.

I took it myself xD, after it arrived today from YJ and yes the bidding went pretty crazy high Q.Q

Lol, you said they we’re mini cards right ? I don’t think I’ve seen any mini versions of that Pikachu o.o Pretty cool.

I would have thought it was related to the 10th Anniversary:

But the merchandise described doesn’t mention anything about phone charms or mini cards. Promotional cards were given, but nothing like this.

Have any detailed pictures you can provide? I’m sure we can dig to the answer of this.

I tried to dig up information on this but had no luck.

Can you tell what the cards are made of?

Kinda like it

I wouldn’t say no to legit mini espeons lol

The “cards” are just metal cutouts xD

and it’s not much but here’s everything that came with it. I wish I could read japanese x.x

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10th Anniversary Original Strap

プレイヤーズ - Players

Looks like something maybe the players got for the 10th anniversary?

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just came across this on livejournal. thought of this thread :stuck_out_tongue:

@hapycakeoven Glad I wasn’t the only one that thought of this thread while browsing pkmncollectors.

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Wahh!! Is that for sale at all? xD

I can see pokemon center…does this mean it was sold there at one point?!

Im loving the mininess!