Secret rare collection?

Hi, This is my first post on this site. I have been collecting since i was a kid in the burgeoning 90s bloom of pokemon. Lately I’ve stepped up my collecting and am greatly enjoying hoarding awesome cards! I really like to collect sets of cards and am always looking for cool ones to add. Lately I’ve been thinking about starting a set of secret rares and extra cards from early series. So far I’ve got:

-Fossil Mew
-Here comes Team Rocket
-Imakuni’s Doduo
-Your Name Chansey
-Shining Magikarp
-Hama Chan’s Slowking
-Shining Gyarados
-Dark Raichu

I’m looking for other ones but could definitely use some input on any cards I am missing.

**Got my eye on the first edition promo pikachu, Neo Charizard, and Neo eevee (japanese release).**

I live on bulbapedia and serebii cardex! such great card collecting resources!

It’s loose but graded :blush:

nice I’m in process to buy whole team rocket set, duno why I just like it lol

Which one? Team Rocket from WoTC or Team Rocket Returns?


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