Sealed Product

Hey dudes, how are you all?

I am thinking of beginning a collection in sealed product - mainly WOTC decks & packs, and maybe some pokemon games on colour.

Anybody here got experience in it? Mind sharing your tips, or photos of your collections?

Much love!

MB / Reuben

Tip 1: Have a lot of disposable income.

I completed my goal earlier in the year of having sealed packs, 1 of every art, from base set 1st edition all the way to current generation.(1st editions only where applicable) It was an expensive journey and you can see my “dog and pony” show listings up on my eBay. With the crazy WOTC box and pack price increases lately I have been getting offers too tempting lately I have had to increase the list prices a ton on them to keep them from selling.

Sealed games are something I have always wanted to get into but the resealing really turns me off and I don’t have any on hand examples of 100% genuine seals. I need to get some older cheap games first to study and learn how the seals look and then go from there.

Good luck in your collecting journey!


If you’re buying loose packs just assume they’re all weighed and don’t contain holos, if that concerns you blisters are an alternative though there’s still no guarantee. I imagine the variance in blister weight isn’t that big and they could potentially still be semi accurately weighed.

I reckon just set yourself an achieveable goal, work towards it and have fun :blush:

Thanks for the comments lads.
@pierce I think I’m going to mainly try and buy each of the WOTC decks, and also purchase some 1st edition WOTC booster packs. I bit the bullet last night and purchased my first ever single booster pack, a 1st edition fossil. It says that its unweighed, but who knows. I doubt I would ever open it unless I knew it had a holo inside, and I doubt I’ll ever own scales precise enough to let me know :stuck_out_tongue: