Wanting to collect unopened packs. Where do I start?

Hi all,

New member here. Found e4 through one of Leonhart’s videos. Been collecting Pokémon as a kid ever since the first edition base set.

That being said, I have an interest in collecting unopened packs, especially vintage, both as an investment and a little bit of nostalgic fun. Most I will keep sealed, while a few I may open such as unlimited base, jungle, and fossil. But I would like to always have at least one of each pack sealed.

My budget is very limited for the time being, but my question is: where do I start?


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I don’t know how people in this community feel about him but ZandGemporium on eBay and YouTube has been selling sealed unweighed packs directly from newly opened booster boxes. Check for packs or pack arts you like and check sold prices on eBay to get a sense of what they cost and go from there :blush:

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Buy what you enjoy. There is no rush. Even the more expensive packs are doable with budgeting + time.

Use eBay completed listings to familiarize yourself with the more expensive packs. Typically getting the more expensive stuff done first is better, but there is no one answer outside of buy what you enjoy.


I agree with both comments above. Buy what you enjoy and what means the most to you. Something that you can look at everyday and enjoy and be happy you have it. Therefore it will make you happy with your purchase as well as increase in value the longer the hold onto it.

When it comes to opening vintage packs. I don’t usually encourage it. Although if you do try to do it with the cheaper more common packs, as to not loose as much value. I do recommend ZandG Emporium from YouTube I’ve purchased from his several times and its the best way to get unweighed packs so you have a shot at a holo from the packs you do open


Thanks @pokecollectoramy, @silvercharmander, @smpratte,!!!

I’ll definitely look into the sold listings as well as ZandG Emporium for my first few packs.


I started by getting one of each wotc set pack in first edition. Skipping base set this is do able now just a little more expensive :blush:

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He is an active efour member and has been long before he started youtube

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The zandg dude jack’s the prices way up for his packs though, for the reasoning that they are unweighed. If you dont care about the guaranteed chance at a holo and are just opening for the nostalgic fun, since you’re on a tight budget you might want to buy from another seller that’s cheaper, you still could even get an unweighed pack. But if the ones you are going to open, you are looking at a chance for a holo, zandg for sure you will honestly get an unweighed pack. It will also be a minty undamaged pack too. You wont have to worry about any tampering or legitimacy with him either. He does videos showing him randomly selecting it from a booster box. Good luck on collecting dude!

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Thanks people… yes I do have higher prices, but I at least you have a chance at a Holo. But I’m pretty much all out for now - I know TCA gaming has light and heavy packs and he is reliable! You can also score sometimes deals on eBay when they have auctions especially ending at weird times. Good luck!


Wait, you are ZandG? Awesome lol

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I have a couple of unlimited wotc packs If your interested PM me

If your budget is limited, buy packs that are weighed light. If you buy unweighed or heavy packs, you’re paying extra for the potential contents inside. Buy an Evolutions box to fulfill your pack opening fix.

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Step #1 ) Buy a time machine.

Step #2 ) Buy everything in the store and online shops from probably Black/White on… Those you should be able to find relatively affordable prices. Anything before that, and prices are slowly going up for Platinum, DP etc. The further back you go, the more expensive…

Thanks for all the advice!

If I could ask one more clarifying question. Why are blister packs more expensive? Can’t those be weighed too? Thanks!

As far as I know they can’t be weight because blisters are in cardboard sleeves and sealed. They are more expensive usually not a lot depending what kind of pack it is. Although they are harder to find usually and pretty much unweighed.

I think its the glue on the blisters that makes it inconsistent and that’s what makes them unweighable. But also, the blister is another level of “sealed”, it’s like protection for the booster pack haha. But as the other person stated they are indeed less plentiful then loose booster packs.

Does anyone have a sealed NEO starter deck for sale?