Screw Down Holders

How many points do Pokemon Cards need for screw down holders? And if I got a screw down, would I be able to put the card in a penny sleeve, and then into the screw down?

It’s the amount that the place you put the card is recessed (I think).

@frostyfluxy - A “point” can be translated as a unit of thickness for trading cards. It is used in defining the thickness of card stock. It is commonly abbreviated as pt.

@tolan - I occasionally use [Ultra Pro 35 pt. Gold Magnet] recessed card holders. In my experience, I cannot use a penny sleeve; the length and width of the penny sleeve exceeds the recessed area dimensions.

@frostyfluxy - I apologize; I provided incorrect information. I thought it pertained to font sizes, too. I edited my reply accordingly.

Point (Typography) ≠ Point (Thickness)


@frostyfluxy - You’re welcome :blush:

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