Scanner Issues - Please Help!

Hey All,

I recently purchased an Epson Perfection V39 Scanner, on high recommendations from many different people. However I am having some issues with what I can only describe to be the focus of the scanner. Whenever I scan a card, the edges of the PSA case are in crystal-clear focus, enough to see the texture of the plastic. What I’m looking for is to ‘raise up’ the focus of the scanner so it focuses on the card instead of the edges of the case.

I’ve included an image below so you guys know what I’m talking about. I’ve also included a scan of an ungraded card.

I know my scanner is high-quality, and can do these scans. Is it something in the settings that I can fix? Or is this just something that I have to deal with? I see amazing card scans all the time, from Epson products, so I’m sure this can be fixed.

Any help would be MASSIVELY appreciated!

Focus issues - note how the edges are in focus and the writing is blurry

HQ Dark Tyranitar scan

I don’t have an Epson, but try increasing the resolution.

Tried that. The resolution is fine, as it hakes high-res scans of the edges, but not the actual card. :stuck_out_tongue:

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You’re right, that was too obvious… Lol. Hmm what kind of options do you see when you’re using it? Maybe there’s an option to adjust the focus somewhere but it’s tricky to find. Sorry I can’t help any more :slightly_frowning_face:

My settings are

Document type - Reflective
Auto Exposure Type - Photo
Image Type: 24-bit Color
Resolution 800 dpi
everything unchecked under Adjustments

@omahanime Nice. I adjusted mine to those settings and this is the result:

It looks better, but your scan still looks more in-focus. The edges of the case scan great, it’s just the card itself (the important part) ugh.

Are there multiple scan options?

such as Auto scan, Photo Scan, document Scan?

Yes, I have been using Photo Scan.

On the scanning screen there should be an indication in one of the corners to place an item to scan. try position the card on the corner. also try the other scanning options.

The Scanning software should have calibrations for each scan mode to which you can adjust the dpi, check those if there are any. Although im pretty sure Dpi is just the size of the scan.

Other wise you may have to call their technical support.



Il take a picture later of my setting whenim home and il upload it here to see if they are any help.

Still having these issues. I’ve tried fiddling with all the settings possible and I can’t get the card or PSA label to be in focus. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Maybe adding a background like a blue piece of paper could maybe keep it from looking all blurry could be the fact that the scanner cant pick it up that well with the lights hitting it

Here’s the settings I use for all my scans not sure if it will be any help. My scanner is a epson V33. For editing I just use the edit option in windows photo gallery.

Here’s a scan I just did a couple minutes ago (with a bit of editing) -

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Fourstar are you using windows or OS X? If you have a PC or Laptop with windows , then try it on that and see what happens. If not try removing all drivers and Completely cleaning that crap out off your Drive, and then reinstall/ update to latest drivers. I am almost certain that your printer will work with windows, and if It doesn’t then you might wanna take it back and either get another model or money back, because it would obviously be a hardware issue and not a software one.

Thanks Mohsin. I tried your settings and played around with mine and I found that these settings give me the best scan, along with corresponding image.

Hopefully you guys can see how anything that doesn’t sit directly on the scanner glass is out-of-focus. I have the unsharp mask setting (which should help with this) on high, but it doesn’t seem to do much. Really disappointed as the scanner seemed to be highly recommended for scanning PSA cards. Anything not graded is fine, but ugh this is annoying. Spent a lot of money on this.

@fourthstartcg are you starting to think it could be an error with the actual scanner?

The quality of the wording is so fuzzy =(

I am starting to think that way. I would hate to have to go through the process for a return as I already threw out all the packaging (couldn’t exactly keep it in a small dorm room). It takes fantastic scans of cards that are placed directly on the scanner glass, but anything that is raised up (such as a card in a PSA slab) is blurry. Incredibly annoying.

Damn, hope you can return/exchange it without much trouble. Some stores will refuse a return if you don’t have the original packaging :confused: