CIS vs. CCD Scanner Lens Warning & Info

Hey everyone, I recently purchased a scanner with the intention of showing off my PSA-graded and ungraded card collection. Upon scanning my PSA cards, I realized that anything that was off the scanner glass (PSA label, the card itself) was out of focus. At first I believed it was an issue with the scanner settings and it could be fixed by changing them. However @m786ali found the issue, and it was a hardware issue as opposed to a software issue.

Scanners usually come with one of two types of lenses, CIS or CCD. CIS (contact image sensor) scanners generally require less power (no need for an AC adapter, can be powered by your laptop or desktop USB port), and are more compact, which is why many newer-model scanners use these lenses. However, CIS lenses have a poor field of focus. This means that anything that doesn’t lie directly on the scanner glass will be out of focus. So ungraded/single cards will scan fine, but PSA graded cards will have a low scan quality. Increasing the resolution or changing the settings can minimize this, but the scan quality is still low.

CCD scanners are bulkier and require more power, but scan PSA cards perfectly, as well as ungraded singles. As such, if you are looking to buy a scanner to show off your collection, a scanner with a CCD lens is the best choice.

You should be able to find the type of lens in the specs of whatever scanner you’re looking to purchase. I originally purchased the Epson V39 (which turned out to have a CIS lens) and then returned it for the Epson V37 (CCD lens)




Interesting man…
I have the V39 and it seems to be doing a decent job, and I havnt changed anything.

indo notice your scan is a lot more clear in the second picture.

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@pottsinator Are you sure you have the V39 and not the V37? All the specs I’ve checked show the V39 has a CIS lens.

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Now I’m not sure… Haha :laughing:

I think I was mistaken after looking over the older threads about with scanner is best.

Just disregard what I said -.- lol

Have you gotten the new scanner now?

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Yep, and it works great. Both scans posted are mine.

Im a bit paranoid to scan my stuff with all that light hitting my babies =O

Too much work to sacrafice de cardmens. People say light can stuff the gloss of the card up, but I suppose thats before a card is sitting in a psa slab lol. Still… Paranoid thinking.

Science! Means I must buy a scanner one day. I used the one on my printer and it looked alright, but just not good compared to the ones above.

Photo scanners rule.

The difference between my old scanner and V37 is AMAZING!

Thanks for the guide :heart_eyes:


Considering buying the V37 now. Does anyone know how much it *should* cost? I’m in Japan and they seem to be running $400 which is like 8x what I want to be spending…

Try eBay mate. I’ve seen them for under $150AU.

I got mine for $20 aud on ebay with free shipping. Cost the poor dude more to send it me than what I paid him for it.


I paid around $100 usd brand new with shipping

Can somebody here post high res scans of their cards? I’m currently in the process of learning the differences between psa grades, so i know which cards i want to send. Any help is appreciated.

@dragontype has some in a thread which are all 10s and all English cards, i think if you sear reference in the search bar the you will be able to pull the thread up.

Edit: this post

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I cannot say how much I love the V37! xD

It captures every detail at 1200 dpi!


Thanks for the wonderful advice. Im planning on getting a scanner soon so this was timely :blush:

Mine just arrived today. Bought it from here :

I have to say, this scanner is the bees knees