Safest channels for selling

Hi everyone! I am a relatively new collector and this is my first post in the forum.

I recently found a Plasma Storm booster box for a very good price (a little less than half for what it’s going for). I originally intended to list it on ebay, as it seems to have good liquidity in there, but then I thought on how it would affect the price that a new seller (I have like 9 feedback and only 2 of that is as seller) listed such an expensive item, and I am not even sure on how it would work with eBay, since I have a $500 limit on my seller account. I wanted to ask you about some other channels that I should consider for selling, I understand that I might not get the full market price but I am ok with that. Thanks in advance!

Safest option apart from Ebay would probably be PWCC


PWCC is a much safer option than selling on eBay yourself. No risk of a buyer playing games and claiming they didn’t get an item, or returning an item for absolutely no reason, etc.

Minimizing risk and convenience are probably the biggest reasons to use PWCC, more so than getting the best theoretical price.

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I cannot advise on the best way to get value on this specific booster box, but the answer generally speaking is PWCC, save for being able to sell directly to someone you know and trust.

Also, if you try to list the box on your own eBay and set the price higher than your current limit, you will be given the option to request the limit be raised. Since you only have 9 feedback I don’t know how quickly they will raise it to the level you need, though.

What you could do is reach out to a Pokemon card Youtube Channel and see if they would buy it from you. I recently reached out to Leonhart (the biggest PokeTuber AFAIK) to sell a friends 3 Pack Blister that had an EX Power Keepers, EX Delta Species and EX Emerald pack and he responded within a couple hours with a good offer. The plus side is that you get the money AND you get to see what was inside the packs if they open them.

The PWCC route everyone else mentioned is probably the safest route to go but wanted to throw out an extra idea.


Thanks everyone! I’ll definitely check out PWCC, seems like it’d be much safer

Do any E4 members from Europe have experience sending PSA cards to PWCC? :blush: I have been considering this for a while, since PWCC is so often mentioned as a safe option for selling (high end) PSA cards. I have no idea if this is possible as a non-US citizen, though.

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Yep, signing up with PWCC is very easy, takes almost no time and I had no issues as a UK user. The difficult part is getting a high value package to the US safely.

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Good to know, thanks! Yeah, I can imagine that shipping would be a hassle, how did you manage it?

I’d recommend finding a courier in your country which offers insurance with an external provider for the full value of the shipment - some couriers will only cover the value up to a certain amount, or offer some nominal compensation for losing your parcel. Also helps if the courier can act as a broker with customs - doesn’t mean there will be no issues, just that they will make sure everything is good to leave the country, and will help resolve if there are any issues.

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