Rhonu's PSA 9 Original EX Card Collection (03/04/21 UPDATE)

Rhonu’s PSA 9 (and a few 10s) EX Series
and Japanese EX Exclusive Artworks

Hi! UK collector here attempting a complete English ex card collection as well as any Japanese exclusive artworks in PSA 9 with a few 10s here and there. This is my first venture into the wider collecting community, and I thought this would be great way to introduce myself, share my passion and network with some fellow collectors.

I hope you enjoy!!

English Artworks (127/158)
Japanese Exclusive Artworks (9/12)

English Artworks

Black Star Promos (4/10)

POP Series 1-4 (2/9)

EX Ruby & Sapphire (7/8)

EX Sandstorm (7/7)

EX Dragon (8/9)

EX Team Magma vs. Team Aqua (6/7)

EX Hidden Legends (8/9)

EX FireRed & LeafGreen (8/12)

EX Team Rocket Returns (7/11)

EX Deoxys (9/10)

EX Emerald (9/11)

EX Unseen Forces (13/14)

EX Delta Species (3/3)

EX Legend Maker (5/7)

EX Holon Phantoms (3/3)

EX Crystal Guardians (10/10)

EX Dragon Frontiers (10/10)

EX Power Keepers (8/8)

Japanese Exclusive Artworks

Play Promotional Cards (2/4)

Gift Box Emerald (2/2)

Master Kit (2/2)

Gift Box Mew (0/1)

Trainer’s Promotional Cards (1/1)

The Gift Box (2/2)


Yet To Obtain :slightly_frowning_face:

Nintendo Black Star Promo * 31 Moltres ex

Play Promotional Cards* 031/Play Lugia ex

POP Series 3* 17 Ho-oh ex (Non-Holo)

EX Hidden Legends* 94 Kyogre ex

EX Team Rocket Returns* 103 Rocket’s Sneasel ex

To Be Graded

Gift Box Mew* 6 Folklore’s Lucario ex

Master Kit* 6 Aura’s Lucario ex

Nintendo Black Star* 1 Kyogre ex

  • 1 Kyogre ex
  • 2 Groudon ex (Non-Holo)
  • 32 Zapdos ex
  • 33 Articuno ex

Play Promotional Cards* 007/Play Mew ex

POP Series 1

  • 16 Armaldo ex
  • 16 Armaldo ex (Non-Holo)
  • 17 Tyranitar ex
  • 17 Tyranitar ex (Non-Holo)

POP Series 2* 17 Celebi ex

POP Series 4* 17 Deoxys ex

EX Ruby & Sapphire* 103 Sneasel ex

EX Dragon

  • 97 Rayquaza ex

EX FireRed & LeafGreen* 106 Clefable ex

  • 109 Gyarados ex
  • 111 Mr. Mime ex
  • 116 Zapdos ex

EX Team Rocket Returns

  • 98 Rocket’s Hitmonchan ex
  • 99 Rocket’s Mewtwo ex
  • 102 Rocket’s Scyther ex

EX Deoxys* 99 Deoxys ex

EX Emerald* 91 Cacturne ex

  • 94 Dusclops ex

EX Unseen Forces* 103 Feraligatr ex

EX Legend Maker* 87 Flygon ex

  • 88 Mew ex

This link only containers the cards missing for my collection. I have roughly 90 ex cards to submit to PSA over the coming months. This includes duplicate submissions and big ticket items like Rocket’s Snorlax and Celebi 117!


pls don’t open the Mew. He’s so happy being sealed :blush:

Insane collection! i’d open and grade the mew :stuck_out_tongue:!

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Small update, BIG HITS!

I was fortunate enough to pick these up recently. Albums in OP all updated!

And finally…


The Umbreon…omg!

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A Blessing of Updates

After a slow period of collecting I have finally managed to obtain some more obscure and unusual cards! With any luck I will finally submit the bulk of my ungraded ex cards to PSA (in a few months) and fulfill a large portion of my remaining collection.

As a heads up, I have not updated my original post regarding my ungraded card submission (there are lots more cards now). However, I have updated the linked albums with the graded pieces.

The new additions!