RHCPtoby's Japanese Pikachu Collection

Hi everyone !

First of all let me introduce my self to this forum! My Name is Toby 29 Years old and i live in the Netherlands.
When i was a kid i started Playing Pokemon tcg and even went to the European Championship when i was about 12 or 13 years old in Amsterdam (finished 16th place and my best friend 13th). When i got a bit older i gave away most of my collection to some younger kids who were still collecting and Because for me Pokemon wasn’t “cool” anymore. i still regret giving away so many cards.

Anyway about 2 years ago me and my wife went to Japan for vacation and i had set a little goal for my self to obtain the holy grail of my childhood the Japanese Birthday Pikachu, after buying like 50 different Japanese Pikachu’s later i finally found the Holy grail! and since then i started collecting Japanese Pikachu’s.

I have put all my cards in sleeve into Toploaders, I have found a Binder with pages not made for toploaders but fits perfectly! its made for memorial cards or something and they fit really good! was like 20 euro’s for the binder with pages!

At the moment i own 232 different Japanese Pikachu’s! and have a few more on its way!

Here is my Spreadsheet with all the cards i own and still need.

Here is my album on Imgur
My Imgur Album
Video of my Album

Here’s a picture of my Little Pikachu Shrine

I have made a few Custom made PSA Slab Stands With Pikachu engraved in it from aircraft worthy Aluminum looks very cool! (also made a Eevee Version for my wife’s Fan club Eevee)

I hope u guys like my collection so far! and if you guys miss a Pikachu in my collection please feel free to contact me!
Kind regards rhcptoby (Toby)


@rhcptoby Hi Toby. Great to see you’ve decided to join the forum! :blush: Good luck with your collection goals of course.

And lol at that Mitsuhiro signed Gengar & Mimikyu with Pikachu face drawn on top of Mimikyu. :laughing:


@quuador, Thank you very much! Mitsuhiro even misspelled my name and wrote “To Tobby” haha but still looks awesome !!


Here’s a picture of me and Mitsuhiro Arita with the misspelled card lol


Nice another Japanese collector, sweet collection! Though I gave up on Pikachu lol unless Japan does more exclusives again because they are obsessed with him w/ 1000 variations of cards.

@teamrocketop ,
Yeah its a never ending collection haha, and there are a few impossible to get for me (financialy) like the Snap or the art acedemy’s but i never losse hope!