Buying Japanese Pikachu's

Hi everyone !

As some already know i only collect Japanese Pikachu’s already got a lot!

And for now i am looking to buy a few not to expensive pikachu’s
and i have made a little buy list for the cards that i need for now.

Prices are for NM (i dont mind other conditions)

Pikachu 004/015 Unlimited edition (2005 Master Kit - Bulbasaur Quarter Deck) $20
Pikachu 023/108 Unlimited edition (World Champion Pack) $20
Surfing Pikachu 089/090 Unlimited edition (Bonds to the end of time) $25

So if you got some of these cards for sale pleas let me know!
I will Update this Thread once i got more budget xD

You can also follow my Collection on
RHCPtoby’s Japanese Pikachu Collection Thread

Kind regards RHCPtoby

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Also always looking for signed Japanese Pikachu’s (not Mitsuhiro Arita)
Kind regards Toby

Up! Still looking for them.