ReganRampages Prerelease Collection Journey and Stuff

What I collect
Number one goal atm is to finish my complete prerelease promo collection. Something about seeing them all lined up hits a sweet spot. I settled on this being kind of my niche because i love promos in general and going to any of those events were out of the question for me as a kid. I also collect english stamped cards pertaining to special places from my childhood or a memory. I am pretty proud of my current up to date complete sealed gamestop promo collection, mostly because its the first set ive researched and built on my own.

I will update the list below as the sets are finished.
I do occasionally grab randoms i fall in love with or want to use to fill in random pages i themed throughout my binders. Im just trying to pace myself and really enjoy the ride.:sunglasses:

More photos and randoms! I have a lot of different, and random things. I just genuinely love it all. The stamps are where its at though :clap: :rofl:

The completed prerelease promo sets
Updated May 6th, 2024

78 Sets Complete

1) WOTC (Raichu isnt happening unless a miracle happens)
2) Unified Minds
3) Unbroken Bonds
4) Crimson Invasion
5) Astral Radiance
6) Noble Victories
7) Cosmic Eclipse
8) Majestic Dawn
9) Silver Tempest
10) Lost Origin
11) Dragons Exalted
12) XY
13) XY Breakpoint + Staff
14) XY BreakThrough
15) XY FlashFire
16) Obsidian Flames
17) Fusion Strike
18) Evolving Skies
19) Chilling Reign
20) Scarlet and Violet + Staff Set

The list goes by order of completion from this point on

21) Boundaries Crossed
22) Forbidden Light
23) Lost Thunder
24) Vivid Voltage
25) Team Up
26) Call of Legends
27) EX Team Rocket Returns
28) EX Sandstorm
29) EX Dragon
30) EX Delta Species
31) EX Legend Maker
32) Legends Awakened
33) EX Fire Red & Leaf Green
34) EX Team Magma Vs. Team Aqua
35) Paldea Evolved
36) EX Dragon Frontiers
37) EX Holon Phantoms
38) Battle Styles
39) EX Hidden Legends
40) Plasma Blast + Staff
41) Stormfront
42) EX Deoxys
43) EX Emerald
44) EX Unseen Forces
45) EX Crystal Guardians
46) Celestial Storm
47) EX Power Keepers
48) Diamond and Pearl
49) Supreme Victors
50) Arceus
51) HeartGold and SoulSilver + Staff
52) HS-Unleashed
53) Ultra Prism
54) Sword and Shield
55) Darkness Ablaze
56) Rebel Clash
57) XY Fates Collide
58) Burning Shadows
59) Paradox Rift + Staff Set
60) Temporal Forces
61) Mysterious Treasures
62) Secret Wonders
63) Great Encounters
64) Platinum
65) Rising Rivals
66) Undaunted + Staff
67) Triumphant
68) Black and White
69) Emerging Powers
70) Next Destinies
71) Dark Explorers
72) Plasma Storm
73) Plasma Freeze
74) Legendary Treasures
75) Furious Fists + Staff
76) Steam Siege
77) Sun and Moon
78) Guardians Rising

My pictures are all over the place but I’m still learning how to make these. Gonna keep the prerelease stuff up here together so it’s easy to see in one place. Will update frequently. I know we got a long way to go but we will get there!! I sorted by release so it’s basically a walkthrough the pokemon tcg. Aiming for that prerelease master set one day, staff cards and all! Big dreams but the journey is awesome. Random collection posts are thrown around the replies. There’s some pretty neat stuff in there!


Some staff favorites!


Some fun pages! I will post more tomorrow once i take more pictures!


The toys r us stuff and some more randoms


The staff binder, my pride and joy, i know it isnt much but its a work in progress. Big thanks to @Dyl (clefable) and @Alucaryn @citriina (Scarlet and violet staff set) for helping me add some wonderful pieces to my collection. This community has been wonderful.


The stamps all together in your binder look lovely all laid out! I’m happy to have been able to help!


The stamped cards really make for a cool ‘at-a-glance’ timeline of the TCG. Nice collection!


Thank you :blush:

Im so glad everything worked out as it did, they found their forever home thank you so much :raised_hands:

Gamestop collection updated, koraidon has been added maintaining the complete sealed set :grin:


Alolan Raichu completes Crimson Invasion!
Man they look so good in their rows :heart_eyes:
My babies


Really enjoy the updates here and i agree that the full rows look great, hoping to see both prerelease and staff collections completed in future, the evolutions zards are a bit heavy but perhaps with enough time!


That whole line is gonna be tough. Figured ill cross that bridge when i get to it. Some of the bigger name ones are going to take luck but someone on this forum mentioned they were aware they would probably never complete there set but its a really fun journey and that resonated hard with me


HUGE update coming within a week or so. Super excited to share new pics. Also finally reorganized my prerelease binder by release date so im gonna have a huge photo dump when mail gets here. It’s starting to actually look so awesome. Thanks for enjoying my random shares guys it means so much


Ok i couldnt wait to show the reorganization, theres a long way to go but these two pages are actually done and :exploding_head::heart_eyes: you guys i think im gonna complete the regular one for sure for sure. Looking at prices of xy charizard non staff has me hopeful.
Op list is updated too. More pics to come!


Organized :sunglasses:


Looks fantastic :heart_eyes: I love organising my collection. It’s so satisfying.

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Thank you! Ive been putting it off thinking i wouldnt get anywhere with the collection but its actually really coming together so i had to fix it up :sweat_smile:


Some mail came today! Idk why i was worried about that volcanion. 3 USD for it seemed really cheap and its in beautiful shape. Eh typical me worrying about nothing. The dark houndoom is gorgeous! And then theres the super handsome garbodor. :heart_eyes:


Yeah we got a long way to go, but a lot of those empty spots will be filled in this week. It seems almost impossible when i look at it now that its organized, but the journey :heart_eyes::pinched_fingers::pinched_fingers: the goal is to be finished with the regular prerelease set by end of 2024. The other pages are above. I have a no symbol error clefable coming as a place holder since i dont have the heart to break the slab. The list in my original post shows the sets that are complete, the pictures will be updated when the mail arrives. :raised_hands: