ReganRampages Prerelease Collection Journey and Stuff

Other possibility for that wotc row is to fill the empty slot with european variant of prerelease aerodactyl, you would get a full row and don’t have to crack your clefable slab or find another binder copy :slight_smile:


I have a weird thing with putting doubles next to each other. I understand variants are different but i have a binder that has spots for them.

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Some random shares of my collection and some somewhat better pictures of others. I like a lot of different stuff and have been slowly adding to my random binders.
Anyway heres some eevee stuffs. I mean how can you not love him. Peep the orb placement on the eevee above the flower :heart_eyes:

And then my favorite “gimmicky” cards id say, and my favorite row on my ditto page (in progress)

Then some of my nostalgia stamps

Manaphy page ive been working on because hes cute as heck

And last but not least that staff volcanion filled another page in the staff binder. I will probably end up reorganizing this fella as well or possibly moving to a 12 pocket to keep the rows neat and in order, only if it goes anywhere though.

Happy easter guys! Thanks for the love on here :hatching_chick::rabbit:
Monday brings more mail and more updates!!


More mail fellas!


Slowly getting there


More mail! That should be it i think, maybe one or two still coming. Gonna be a little bit on updates after this, approaching some of the higher end ones and im gonna take those slow. Clefable is a place holder for my prerelease slab


You guys :face_holding_back_tears:
Completed prerelease sets are listed in the original post just hit that little arrow down there to bring you to the top!
Probably going to do darkness ablaze next and grab the last two i need for battle styles. I check locally before i shop online. Its usually the same, my shop doesnt have them, and no listings on marketplace, but i always look because ive gotten lucky a couple times. Its coming together beautifully. :heart:

One of my favorite things ever is to admire the variety of different art styles. The range is excellent. And ever since i was little I also really enjoy reading the ones with dex entries and their stats. Sometimes weights or heights suprise me and more pokemon knowledge is always nice :smile:


So after counting we have 81 prerelease cards left to go!


Something a little different today. Big ol photo dump
This is probably my favorite binder to just sit and flip through. First one ive ever filled. Its a bunch of holos ive pulled over time, or from random boxes ive saved from thrift stores or pawn shops. I tried to group by types, but i really just love flipping through, reading, and admiring them. Top two for me personally are probably that Uxie because that water web holo is just nuts in the light. Just gets me. Then the tomokazu porygon z. I really love that artwork. Never gonna reorganize it, it being the first its kinda cool to see the difference between then and now. Just shared some semi random pages to give you a feel for the whole binder. The ones with two in the slot is their holo counterpart. So like, if the regular holo is in front the reverse is behind it


Ok edited the original post yet again but added a gallery for the prerelease stuff. Im slowly figuring this out and everytually it will be super nice looking and less, adhd like


Cool binder! This feels like collecting like a kid again :slightly_smiling_face: Just whatever you like, you slot it into the binder. I also have a pile of cards that I just like for whatever reason, but I need to put them in a binder sometime so I can browse through them easier.


Thanks! Yeah thats ultimately why i chose to leave it as is. I really like looking back and theres something about seeing randoms all over the place that makes it exciting every time i look through it.

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Murkrow has arrived and paldea evolved is all together.

Updated gallery in original post.


Getting there! Battle styles will be the next complete row.


Vivid voltage prerelease cards really are top tier, especially love that donphan

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Mail updates are not gonna be as crazy this week, getting some more ink done but knocked some more off the list! Updated the op list if you want spoilers.


Shared on another thread but here it is on mine.


The first page is finally full. I love them all but armaldos pretty much the coolest looking on the page.

As of now we have completed a whopping 44 prerelease promo sets. And holy crap you guys im kinda proud. OP list has been updated!


Just thought id share this. For anyone wondering about the process or how i keep track of the prerelease stuff. Im in my 30s. Im not very good with tech and this is an easy way for me to see it all in one place. I only mark the regular prerelease ones not the staff. So this is the list for the regular collection. Some aren’t marked that i have the staff for but not regular.
Get your laughs. It works for me.


Prerelease collections on discord too and im always down to talk to people. Same name and profile pic as on here :blush:

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I have another tattoo appointment on the 9th to get my tentacruel piece done so stay tuned for that one fellas its gonna be so cool

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