Rediscovered my childhood collection. Some advice needed.

Hey all. So like a lot of 30 something year olds, I bought a bunch of cards when the tcg first started. I have had them tucked away at my parents house since 2002, and today I came across them. When I looked at the current state of the market I almost passed out.

So the majority of my collection is 1st ed base set, 1 ed jungle and fossil. A few 1ed holo dragonites, 3x base 2 holo charizard, 5 holo jungle snorlax, etc.

But there areas few… oddities? I only ever bought packs, usually from big box stores like walmart/target. I never bought anything from another person. But there are several cards in my binder that by all appearances are fake. But I’m not sure how I would have ever gotten a fake card. I never really played with anyone, I just bought packs, and put them in binders. I don’t even think I ever traded with anyone.

One of the cards in question is a holo 1st ed Jungle Ivysaur, with Kakuna as the card name.

I clearly remember pulling this from a booster that was in a blister pack at walmart. I opened it in my grandma’s car. I was telling her how funny it was that it was wrong. But this card looks really sketch. I don’t have a loupe, but I took a few more pics with a magnifying glass.

The quality isn’t great obviously, but I’m not too sure what to be looking for here.

Above is a few quick pics of a few binder,
pages. On the second to last image, there is a 1st ed Jungle Holo Tangela. Which obviously isn’t a thing.

So I guess ultimately, my question is are all of my damn cards fake? What could have happened here? I went from ecstatic, to confused, and now I’m approaching bummed lol. The closer I look at all of these cards, the more ‘off’ they seem. I didn’t have time to get great pics because I had to leave, but in a few days I’ll be able to pull everything out and get scans of noteworthy cards. But from what I did post, how do most of these look to you guys?

I apologize for the massive wall of text, but I’m going crazy trying to figure this out lol. Merry Christmas everyone!

As you’ve correctly state that Ivysaur is a blatant fake. Tangela is fake as well, just as the Exeggcute in that same picture. Everything else looks fine to me (haven’t checked with too much attention every picture though) so not everything is fake, don’t worry about that.
As to how you obtained the fakes in the first place I don’t have the means to answer unfortunately.

Get a 9 pocket binder, I heard the rings can effect some of the cards, over time.

Some thing like this. If you have the funds

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Jyscal is correct. All those cards are real except for the ones you and he have pointed out–the Ivysaur, Tangela, and Exeggute.