Fake, or Not Fake?

Hi everyone. I recently decided to buy some complete Pokemon Card sets off eBay (Base, Fossil, Jungle and Team Rocket) from what I assumed were reputable eBay sellers (years of service, extremely positive feedback, with thousands of sales on record). That said, there are some things about the cards that make me doubt their legitimacy. Here are some pictures:

A few of the holographic cards of the Team Rocket set have weird corners, like they haven’t been cut properly. It’s more noticeable when I place it next to another card…the corners aren’t cut the same at all.

I’ve also noticed that a LOT of the cards use slightly different shades of blue around their borders.

I’ve read a few ‘spot the fake’ guides online, but these issues don’t seem to be mentioned. Apart from what the pictures show, the cards *seem* real. They seem solid, and the holographic cards sparkle appropriately. If I need more pictures of a specific part of the card I can supply ASAP.

Anyone care to put my mind at ease?

They’re completely real and normal. WOTC had quality control issues just like cards today have.

Perfectly normal on all counts:)

Thanks for the replies, guys! Relieved!

On an unrelated note, those blue spots on the Alakazam card look so cool!