Really Rare Stuff: Sealed Neo Rev Box, 1st Ed Box

I have these pretty rare items for sale right now.
Give me offers and we can go from there.

**Sealed Neo Revelation Box (Unlimited)

Sealed 1st Edition Fossil Booster Box (Mint Condition)

Sealed Pokemon Trading Card Game for GBC (Mint Condition)**

Sealed Theme Decks: (ALL in Mint Condition)
2 PLAYER STARTER SET (1st Printing)


x2-x3 Sealed Burger King 23k Gold Complete Sets

JPN Shining Charizard
JPN Shining Steelix
JPN Shining Magikarp
JPN Charizard Gold Star
JPN Mew Gold Star

JPN Merchandise
JPN Pokemon Platinum x1 (Complete)
JPN Team Rocket’s Meowth CD Promo Sealed x1

Legends, Lv X’s, Ex’s, *'s, & Good Stuff
Shining Charizard x2
Shining Kabutops x1
Shining Noctowl x2
Shining Raichu x1
Shining Tyranitar x2
Shining Gyarados x1
Shining Magikarp x1
Celebi * x1
Azelf Lv X x1
Raikou & Suicune Legend x1 (Complete)
Ho-Oh Legend x2 (Complete)
Lugia Legend x2 (Complete)
Snorlax Lv X x1
Magmortar Lv X x1 (x1 1st Edition JPN)
Raichu Lv X x1 (x1 1st Edition JPN)
Gallade 4 Lv X x1 (x1 1st Edition JPN)
Garchomp C Lv X x1 (x1 1st Edition JPN)
Staraptor FB Lv X x1
Rayquaza C Lv X x1 (Tin)
Darkrai Lv X x1 (Tin)
Lucario Lv X x1 (Tin)
Infernape Lv X x1 (Tin)
Garchomp C JPN x1
Charizard G JPN x2
Shadowless Base Set Red-Cheeks Pikachu x1

JPN Imakuni’s Doduo x1
JPN ______'s Chansey x1
JPN CD Promo Venasaur x1
JPN CD Promo Mew x1
JPN CD Promo Porygon x1

JPN Aura’s Lucario Ex x2 (1st Edition)
JPN PokePark Lucario Promo
JPN Mewtwo EX x1
JPN Macargo EX x1 (1st Edition)

Kangaskhan x1
Golduck x1
Parasect x1
Nidorino x1
Gloom x1
Venonat x1
Bellsprout x1
Metapod x1
Exeggcute x1
Mankey x1

HeartGold & SoulSilver
Alph Lithograph x1
SR Gyarados Holo x1

Supreme Victors:
Secrets & Shinys:
SH7 Milotic x1
SH8 Relicanth x1
SR Moltres x1

Rising Rivals:
Secrets & Reprints:
SR Pikachu x2
SR Flying Pikachu x2
SR Surfing Pikachu x2

Secrets & Shinings:
SH5 Swablu x1
SR Electabuzz x2
SR Scyther x2
SR Hitmonchan x2

Secrets & Shinings
Secret Rare Charline x3
SH1 Drifloon x1
SH3 Voltorb x1

HeartGold & SoulSilver Promos
HGSS02 Lugia x2

JPN Promos
001/DPt Carnivine x1

BlackStar Promos
14. Mewtwo x1
25. Flying Pikachu x1
35. Pichu (RH) x6
39. Misdreavus x2
51. Rapidash x6

Fossil Mew x2 (JPN)

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What is the 2 player starter deck? The normal one or the trainer A and trainer B decks?

It’s the normal one that came out before Base Set so all of the cards in it are 1st edition.

the only 1st edition card in the 2 player starter deck is the machamp the rest of the cards were never 1st edition in the deck to begin with.also ur shadowless decks has a 50/50 chance of being cant tell if its shadowless by the back of the box

You can tell that the decks are shadowless by looking at the dates on the box. My 2 player starter deck is one of the first runs where in fact all of the cards are 1st edition, the deck you are referring to is one of the much less rare starter decks that were reprinted after the base set had already came so the cards in those starter decks were unlimited.

the 1st ed starter deck all the cards were never 1st ed only the machamp.the box didnt have a date on it just the year of it.unless you can provide proof that the cards in the starter deck are 1st edition i would like to see but as of now only machamp in that starter deck is 1st edition the other cards are shadowless

Go to this link and you’ll find all the information you need.

its the same starter deck as the rest to me i dont really believe that the 1st ever print runs came out were 1st edition since no one has claimed to even own one as well.even though pokebeach is reliable if there was a picture showing it then it would be more valuable.your starter deck can be a later release as well since there is no way of knowing if the deck you have is 1st edition or not.

Well anyways this is a thread for selling and I don’t think you have any intent for buying so since this conversation is not getting anywhere I suggest we end it.

What are you looking at for all four shadowless decks?

Hmmm as a set I could let them go for say $185 shipped?


The package features a semi-exclusive 1st edition Base Set Machamp card. As the 2-Player Starter Kit’s first print run was released before Base Set, all of its cards were 1st edition; in later print runs, only Machamp carried the 1st edition stamp.

Is that true? I don’t believe it! Are there really all-first-edition 2-player starters?

That’s what I was saying. PokeBeach is a pretty reliable source so it very well may be.

pokebeach is reliable but its very hard to believe that the 2 player starter set cards were actually 1st edition since if it was true alot of the collectors who have shadowless theme decks and shadowless 2 player starter sets would have said things about them.

How much for the Fossil box and SR Legend? What exactly are these '95 TOPSON cards exactly?

quote author=cardkeeper board=trading thread=73 post=641 time=1284694502]How much for the Fossil box and SR Legend? What exactly are these '95 TOPSON cards exactly?[/quote]
Well the box may be sold so I’ll get back to you on that. I’m asking $20 for the SR Legend Complete. The TOPSUN cards were one of the first Pokemon card sets to be realesed in Japan and are VERY rare these days. I only know of a few people who have them and they value them pretty highly. Are you interested in any of them?

Am I being really dumbass, but how can you tell which sealed decks are Shadowless or not? Similarly, how do you know which 2-player starters are all 1st ed?

Presumably copyright?

its actually hard to cant tell a theme deck is shadowless by the whole shadowless thing on the back.the only way to tell if the deck is shadowless if the box was brought and it had no wizard of the coast logo on the cover wrapping.the other way to tell if any of the decks are shadowless is by the gold tear on the box.other than that there is no official way of telling.i myself brought a zap deck that i though was shadowless opened it up and it was the unlimited cards.same thing happened with a shadowless booster box inside all the cards were unlimited instead of shadowless.

the 2 player starter deck not sure how you can tell if its the copyright cause there were only 2 changes in the copyright from shadowless to unlimited.

All my theme decks are 100% Shadowless guaranteed, you can tell by the dates. As for the 2 Player Starter deck it must have something to do with the dates. Mine is the earliest copyright so I’m fairly certain that it is Shadowless/ 1st edition.

I’m confused when you mean dates do you mean the year of the copyright or what cause i dont recall seeing dates on a theme deck