Real or fake shadowless charizard.

I just purchased this charizard. The item has already shipped. The image quality on the posting is terrible. Its listed as mint condition. Can anyone please tell me if this is real? From my experience, there don’t seem to be nearly as many proxy shadowless charizards as there are proxy 1st Ed ones, so I’m definitely hopeful.

post the pic

Yep its fake. artwork is unlimited design/colour and rest of the card is low low quality/wrong


Are you sure it’s not just due to the quality of the image? I put it next to a shadowless image and it appears very similar…

101% sure.

Even with the potato quality of the image it’s easy to see that it’s fake for the reasons stated above.
Do your best to get your money back, but please also take this as a lesson and take responsibility.

Actually do your research first, ask for better quality photos, if something is too good to be true then it is.
Don’t let your greed and desire to get a sweet deal override these things.


Setting aside the telltale signs of the card itself, if this was a real shadowless Charizard in mint condition, this is not the kind of photo somebody would supply.


Definitely fake.

I hope you get your money back. How much were you charged for a ‘mint’ copy?

this 300%