Rare Coils and Rarecoils (and Magnezones and Beldums and other things)

Part 2 of gets this week. There’s a big card consignment store that had some Mites I wanted and a card for Secret Santa, so I decided to do a bit of a gamble and pick up some older holos as well, since I haven’t gotten many cards for my other collections recently. I paid roughly $2 for each, so I fully expected some scratching and the like.

Condition wise, not so bad. The 4th gen reverse holos are all obviously scratched (not as visible in this pic), with the Unleashed Metagross being the worse. Rest don’t have as many/obvious holo scratches, so good enough for me.
Bonus swirls :blush:
Now for the Mites. A bunch of non English ones, including a couple firsts:
* A Korean Plasma Freeze (23/42 in English) and Breakthrough (23/52 in English)* A Portuguese Base UED (first Portuguese!)* A German nonholo Neo Discovery* Both Italian Breakthrough reverse holos (first Italian!)
With Italian and Portuguese, I now have at least one Magnemite in 7 languages! Out of the 7 languages I have zero of, 5 of them have less than 10 Magnemites. I might have to pick up a binder exclusively for Magnemites soon, my sole binder is filling up.


First collection post of the year! Bunch of different things all over the place, but nothing super special.

A Japanese Dark Magneton I picked up a couple months back. I try avoid getting Tons and Zones that don’t fall within my collection goals, but it’s cheap + one of my favorite holos so why not. Holo bleed and a swirl are also always nice.

A buy from r/PKMNTCGTrades. The two FRLG Magnemites (reverse holo and non) finish off my first EX code set. I’ve honestly been never that big on this Metagross art, but it looks a lot nicer in person, probably cause I can actually see all the details.

Swirl under Metagross + an attempt at a better picture of the reverse holo Magnemite, because I’ve found trying to take pics of holo cards with very dark backgrounds suck.

Also made some orders through TCGPlayer to grab some cheap commons I was missing + gamble on more cheap holos. Here’s the commons. The Legendary Collection Mite is the 2nd to last (technically third) English of the Kinebuchi art I need (unless they print more).
The Magnezone + Magneton holos I got. The Forbidden Light Magnezone is really poorly centered. :unamused: These two Magnezones do mean I only have three cards left to get before I finish my Magnezone collection, ignoring any potential card upgrades I do.

The Beldum, Metang and Metagross reverses, alongside one of two Beldum cameos. I like the Celestial Storm 93 Beldum’s art, there’s something mystical about it.

Last but not least, some misc gets. The SV Magnemite is a glossy print that I picked up at the card shop. The one I already had is textured, so I just need to pick up a “first print”/nontextured at some point to finish the trio. You can’t really see the differences in a binder though. On the right is a Chinese Base set 1st print from Ebay, which leaves me with one old Chinese card to get, Base set UED. It feels so weird looking at a Base set card with black HP text, even though I didn’t grow up in the WOTC era.


It’s been 3000 years. And finally an Arita Magnemite!
I haven’t been buying as many cards lately, been panic buying finishing off my 3DS collection like everyone else. Hopefully I’ll be able to get back to the cardboard soon. For now, a small update.

Some Portuguese and EX era Mites from a fellow Efour member!

A trade from Reddit. Zacian and Dialga are nice to have fillers, the Metagross is an upgrade to my current copy (even with the dents lol), and the Magnemite is new.

Also picked up the promo Pyuku a while back, which completes my Pyuku collection until another comes along. Also reminds me I need a new binder soon, almost out of space in this one lol.


Dude, just wanted to say that your collection thread is one of the threads that I get really excited for when you have an update! I love steel types and you bring the hype full force every time!


Thanks! I honestly feel a bit awkward whenever I post since it’s mostly just the latest bulk level get I’m excited about, but I’m glad someone else is enjoying them too!

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Love this thread, I’ve always liked these kinds of mon especially magnezone and metagross. I also have a soft spot for Bronzong since I used it as a trickroom setter in VGC

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Still suffering 3DS games, but I bring a neat update:

A complete (until Astral Radiance comes out) set of Indonesian Magnemites! A helpful redditor got these for me and sent them over here to the US, which I highly appreciated. The combination of silver borders and Latin characters is pretty neat. Also the domination of the MAHOU Mites continues.


Long time no post! I admittedly lost a bit of motivation in collecting cards, partially because of the hump of buying a $80+ binder (that stores its price in cards, but irrationality be like that) and also still picking up things for my various other collections. I’ll eventually get back into the swing of hoarding cardboard, but for now here’s my gets between my last post and now.

Various reverse holos and old EX codes from my last visit to the card shop. Might go again this week to hunt down the regular holo/prerelease Magnezone, a RH Magneton and the new Vs.

An Italian friend helped me grab some European games and also managed to pick up these reverse holo Italian Magnemites on the side.

A Magnemite, Magneton and a Magnemite Switch from an unlimited Holon Research Tower Lightning Quarter deck that EeveeTeam sold to me.

Last but not least, an Aussie E4 member helped me pick up some stuff and among those was a little grab bag of Korean Magnets. I was mostly after the non reverse holos since those are harder to find here than the reverse holos, but more Tons and Zones are nice as well.


Seeing a happy magnemite warms my heart. Great additions to your collection! :partying_face:


I never get tired of species collectors! :heart:

Btw not sure if you saw this shirt, but Uniqlo had a magenmite one recently. Looks like its not in stock on their site, but still pretty affordable on ebay: UNIQLO Pokemon Meets Artist Magnemite Magma T-Shirt White Large L ~ New | eBay


Nice! I’ve really liked the designs of these mons from Day 1. There are positives and negatives of course… Some might say the two are polar opposites
And, props on the Pokemon Trainers Magazine Metang. (I’ve always had a special appreciation for that card.)

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I did manage to get that shirt at the tail end of that promo! I like it, it’s delightfully weird

Also teensy update today. Went looking for the checklane booster with the holo Magnezone, no luck since people really like clearing out the boosters at my local Target. Did pick up two other Zones at the card shop, so that just leaves me with 5 modern Zones and 3 DP era Zones left.


Still not much progress on the cards front from me, but I did pick up some other Pokemon related stuff so I figured I’d share those collections today.


Got the Magnezone Fit/Sitting Cutie and a certain suspicious Magnemite today in. A blurb about each:

Banpresto (the largest one): a UFO catcher prize. Still fairly easy to find if you’re interested in getting one of these.

Ichiban Kuji - Pokemon Research Coil (the 2nd largest twins): A couple years back Ichiban Kuji ran a couple Pokemon Research prize lotteries which were themed around a specific Pokemon. Of course, there was a Magnemite one, with the prizes being rubber straps (some of which you’ll see below), plates and the A prize being the open eyed plush. The last one prize (which you get for buying the last ticket of the lottery at a given shop) is the happy eyed plush. I managed to nab both of these from a Yahoo Japan seller for very low prices, which I was very happy about. The happy one is probably my favorite out of all of these.

San-ei All-Star Collection (the leftmost): San-ei is a company that produces plush and one of their lines is the Pokemon All-Star Collection, which is a general line of Pokemon plush. Not much to say here.

Bandai Spirits Kutsurogi Time (sleepy) - Another UFO catcher prize. I like this one a lot too.

Pokemon Center Ditto as Magnemite - There’s been a couple of Ditto as other mons merch collections. I believe Magnemite was in the first if not one of the earlier ones. I do need to find the mascot version of this plush as well.

Pokemon Center Sitting Cuties - Potentially the only official Magneton and Magnezone plush? (I’ve seen another Magnezone but I’m not convinced it’s legit.) Interestingly enough, I recently found out the newest print of the Magnemite (and likely the Magneton) Fits/Sitting Cuties now use the modern blue color (stock image here) as opposed to the older greenish greyblue, so I’ll be picking up another one of the Magnemite.

As far as I know, all of these + the two I’m missing should be a complete collection of Magnemite plush? I wouldn’t be surprised if there was some niche release I’m missing, but Magnemite popularity seems to be a rather modern thing, such that an older plush is unlikely (but not impossible).

Pyukumuku! I won’t go in depth on these since all of these were Pokemon Center releases except for the one in the middle on the right, which is San-ei. Unfortunately I am missing one Pyukumuku and it’s unlikely I’ll get it. Around the time the largest one was released (in the Pokemon World Market merch collection), San-ei released one in the same size + price range as the World Market one and I ended up having to pick between the two. Not that I particularly regret missing out since I still have the World Market one and it is very cuddly.

Last but not least, my Metagross line collection. Unlike the two above, this collection is much smaller. I’m guessing Beldum (and poor Metang) don’t have the popularity of Magnemite and Pyukumuku to make much merch of and while Metagross gets its fair share of merch, plush don’t seem to part of that. For Metagross I’m missing two plush, the UFO catcher plush (old and likely expensive) and the Pokedoll (old and expensive).


I used to be fairly into collecting fanmade pins, but due to a variety of reasons (focusing on my other collections, struggling to keep up with pinmakers, pinmakers not really making pins of mons/games I like, FOMO), I stopped. I do still pick up the occasional Pokemon Center pin whenever they’re released. I won’t be introducing all the things here due to the amount of them, but if there’s something specific you’d like to know about, feel free to ask and I’ll try to dig up where I bought it (no guarantees it’s still available though.)

Pyukumuku + some other fishies

The steel type board. Everything on a chain/clasp is licensed, while all the pins (except for the Magneton on the right) are fanmade. The Magneton pin is one of my favorites though, I like the symmetry/style. I also have 4/5 of the Ichiban Kuji rubber straps, with the only one I’m missing being the Magneton one.

Some other stuff I’ve yet to take out of the packaging. The Steven/Skarmory/Metagross set I’ve posted in this thread when I got them and the Pyukumuku can badge was from a couple years back but still haven’t taken it out. The rest I bought all within the past year.

You might’ve noticed I have two sets of the Magnemite line dex charms. Like the above Fit/Sitting Cuties, they also reprinted the dex charms in the modern blue and an additional “outline” (the old Magnemite’s right magnet has an empty gap while the new one is filled). The old charm set did look a bit odd with Mite and Ton being the green bluegrey and Magnezone being blue. This is the third print of the Magnemite line dex charms, with the original only having Magnemite and Magneton. I skipped that one because the Mite/Ton charms are the same in both 1st and 2nd print.

I’ll finish off this post with a want list mostly so I don’t forget but also if anyone has these to sell them to me for cheap

  • Pokemon Center Metagross line pinset (guessing most of these are in collections now)
  • Pokemon Quest Magnemite pin
  • Palnart Poc Magnemite pin (Palnart Poc appears to be an accessories/jewelry company Pokemon collabed with. I did try to buy this pin directly from Palnart Poc a while back but ZenMarket refused to buy it, so I’ll have to try again with another middleman/buy it secondhand eventually :pensive:)

Amazing collection!, As someone who’s recently started to collect the Magnemite line, I’m Jealous!

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It’s the holidays, which means it’s time to wear a hat while being upside down!

Picked up 3 of the 4 Rulers of the Heavens 1st ed codes I needed from inertgeometry. I also got a Rocky Beach Worlds 2004 Magnemite off a random cheap auction on eBay.

Like everyone else (and for very good reason) I picked up the Magnezone alt art from VSTAR Universe. It looks super nice in hand. Magnezone’s red eye thing is also holographic which is a nice touch. Seller also threw in the regular Mite/Ton for free when I inquired about it, so that was nice of them.

Last but not least, a Metagross for the binder and a random Empoleon from the card shop.

Once I got home I realized the Empoleon looks to be double printed (and had minor scratches in the text I missed). The text is darker looking than Metagross’ and the set icon is misaligned with its border. The Prinplup in the evo box is also rather blurry looking. So that’s a little interesting.


Teensy tiny update since I’ve been suffering 3DS things again.

I usually stick to English only for my not Magnemite collections, but I’m always down to make exceptions. Someone on Mercari listed a bunch of Korean BW era stuff including a Magnezone, so I ended up picking that up since unique holo pattern.

This holo pattern does not photograph well on a straight on view, so weird angle.

Seller also had one of the worlds Magnezones I needed, so got that as well.


It’s been a while, so time for another tiny update.

One of the rarer Japanese Mites, Blue Shock unlimited. I do need to pick up the Red Flash unlimited still, but getting the Blue Shock out of the way is nice.

My gets from my last visit to the local card shop. Magnezone ex (probably my favorite high rare art now), another Magnezone and a Metang for those respective collections and then a bunch of 25 cent bulk holos that I liked. The Computer Search was long overdue because some reason I thought the base set version was expensive. Stakataka and Steelix both have holo bleed, which is neat.

Korean high rares and my first Simplified Chinese Magnemite. Nothing too much to add here.

Finally, another random Simplified Chinese Mite and VSTAR Universe Magneton and Zone. I like the VSTAR Universe reverse holo a lot in person. Still need to get the reverse holo Magnemite.


coil coil coil

Buyee had a 20% off Mercari and such last month, so I figured it’d be a good time to go for the “high” value Magnemites I was still missing. Grabbed a bunch of lots and ended up with a decent variety of Mites.

First off, ended up knocking out the rest of the WOTC era Magnemites I still needed. The eseries came from 2-3 lots, the Quick Starter Gift set on its own and all the Crossing the Ruins holos in their own lot. Curiously enough, the Magnemite from Crossing the Ruins seems to be more uncommon than the Magneton. This lot was the cheapest one I could find and I only saw like 4-5 of them total, so not sure if it was just my luck or if sellers don’t like listing the Magnemite or something.

Onto EX era. I got pretty bad luck with the Rulers of the Heavens 21s, as the first eds were already codes I had and I only got 2 unique codes between the 4 UEDs. The rest of the Mites were mostly deck ones I didn’t have already, so good coverage there. Capping this pic off is some UED Space-Time Creation, which is some headway into DP.

These two get their own pic because XY8 unlimited. The Red Flash is probably the last rare Japanese Magnemite I need. @Typhlosion_Collector kindly pointed out a Mercari listing for me and I crossed my fingers it’d stay up until I started putting together a Buyee order, which it did. The Blue Flash is a dupe I picked up because it was cheap, though it’s in worse condition than the one I already have.

7th gen and various odds and ends. The WOTC were dupes in a lot, the Plasma Gale was a minor gamble from Yuyutei and the Expansion Pack 20th Anniversary caps off the 6th gen Mites alongside the Red Flash. I just need the Black Kyurem EX deck Mite to finish 5th gen. On the 7th gen side, more random set cards and the vaguely annoying to find Metal Metagross-GX deck print. Having to zoom in on every MAHOU Magnemite to figure out which set it’s from was irritating. I also somehow have come this far without owning a Japanese Shiny Magnemite, so that’s been rectified.
The only 7th gen I’m missing now is the original print of the MAHOU Mite (Ultra Sun 34), funny enough. Yuyutei didn’t have any more by the time I made my order and didn’t want to buy a lot just for it, so I’ll pick up one eventually.

Finally, 8th and 9th gen. Time Gazer, VSTAR Universe reverse, then the SV set ones. Most of these came from my Yuyutei order, so I was kicking myself a bit for not waiting till the deck cards were revealed since it was pretty good odds there was gonna be a Magnemite reprint. I grabbed both Poke and Master Ball Magnemite and just Master Ball Magneton, though it’s pretty hard to tell in this pic. The Poliwhirl is because I needed something to hit the minimum order cost for Yuyutei and I really like its aesthetic/colors.

For some non TCG cards, I picked up the last few scrap cards I needed. Debating selling the Steven only card because I got it with the Steven + Megagross card and I paid a bit more than I liked. Of course, a cheaper Steven + Megagross card showed up on Mercari after I bought this one lol.

And now for an interruption of your regularly scheduled cardboard. These Mario cards were sold in blind packs with a wafer for the 35th anniversary. They’re plastic, smaller than regular trading cards and have holofoil (which I’m a giant sucker for, especially on the Super Mario Galaxy card). The backs have little blurbs about each game. I honestly regret not realizing they’re holofoil earlier, since they were super common 3 years ago but are now uncommon. I’ll be opening the sealed ones once I get some binder pages and figure out how I’m sleeving these, since they’re smaller than even perfect fits.
If you’re heading to Japan, I’m 4 cards off from a full set so keep an eye out. :wink:

Some more odds and ends. I’ll be putting together the Metagross nanoblock eventually and displaying the sleeve pack somehow. I mentioned these two pins in my pins/plush post and finally got around to picking them up. The Pokemon Quest pin is fairly uncommon so I snagged this one when it popped up. Unfortunately, due to the fact I tend to browse Mercari at night, I didn’t realize the pin was yellowed. It wasn’t expensive at least so I’ll probably just sell it once I get a not yellowed one. The Palnart Poc one is very nice, though it’s more of an accessory/wearing pin than a collectible pin like I usually get.

Finally, some figures. These are part of the Scale World Figure line (an outdated primer by PichuFan here). Metagross + Steven was limited and sold out fairly quickly when they released. I grabbed Metagross without Steven for about original price, which is both a bit of an oof but at the same time I don’t have to deal with selling the Steven figure lol. I grabbed Magneton by itself as well, but it originally comes in a set with Lt. Surge and Electabuzz.

For funsies, a comparison with the Magnemite line Zukan figures. Zukan are usually 1/40th scale, Scale World Figure is 1/20th.


Those figures are sick!

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It is time for the update that occurs every certain [time period].

I posted about this slab in the recent gets thread a while ago and I also got it in a while ago. I was pretty excited about it because:

  • It actually sold for $26 the previous week but went unpaid so it was relisted
  • I won it for $8.50
  • It’s easily the rarest Traditional Chinese Magnemite, assuming it follows the same rates as Korean base (which I don’t see why not)

I’ll probably crack it once/if I ever get a new binder.

Random booster pack Mite and some Yokohoma deck ones an E4er generously sent me.

I picked up some random modern odds and ends I was missing a couple weeks ago. The Dialga is yet another this is cool so I will buy it even though it’s not a main collection. I’m still inching closer to having all the English holo Magnezones, but I keep procrastinating buying the last few I need.

Maybe the real Overload signing was the friends we made along the way. But for real, it was fun just hanging out with everyone and listening to Pokemon talk.

Finally, I got another shelf so here’s some of the plushies. This isn’t all of them of course, but I like this arrangement. Also, it’s not stolen valor if I bought that Magnemite plush off Yahoo Japan right?