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*17 September 2023 - added final card to Pokemon 151 section (considered complete), new cards in collection + reorganizing sections and added Fire type section
*28 July 2023 - placed 151 set images at slideshow format, thanks to @muk for the tutorial!
26 July 2023 - new cards in collection, new Pokemon 151 section
10 April 2023 - new cards in collection, reorg of certain cards to new sections

Hello all! Mada0 here, was inspired by many other collectors who have created threads to showcase their collections and finally sitting down to do my own! I am a binder kinda guy, and focus purely on JP cards. I like shiny holo things and have a particular love for eye-catching artwork, so that is the makeup of my collection! I’ll update this post as my collection grows, thank you in advance for viewing!

Feel free to leave a comment if you have questions or want to chat about anything! If you are interested, here is my technical catalogue for my collection, and there’s also some statistical breakdowns if you are into that kinda stuff :wink: .

Onto the collection!

^Look at that orb /chef’s kiss

^My dream is that one day a holo version with a spot UV on the moon is printed

^Even in the early days, there were concepts of texturing on the cards, the paint texture really blends with the cosmos holo pattern!

^One of my favourites, such a cheeky pose!

^Better believe we have a Baba Gengar in the collection!

^I always wondered if this artwork features a shiny Gengar haha

^This card reminds me of the Gengar in this picture book that I have called ピカチュウと よるのたんけん (Pikachu’s Night-time Exploration), it’s incredibly cute. Book is illustrated by まつおりかこ (Matsuo Rikako)

^I admit I debated a long time on whether to get this card because it’s quite pricey for a non-holo, but the art is too good.

^Sometimes I tell myself it kinda looks like a holo even though its not.

^I was very sad when initially this artwork was on a EN card and had no JP release at the time. Luckily I didn’t get one and it eventually released in VStar Universe!

I know these are Tag teams with Mimikyu (another favourite pokemon), but hey it still has Gengar.


I actually like the Hoenn starters best, and so it began with wanting a Sceptile holo, then I went okay, I like Blaziken too, then I might as well have Swampert. Then if I have those I guess I’ll get the Kanto ones…and yea you get the drift.

^I really enjoy Chiaki’s art, you’ll see a fair bit in my collection

^This is the only Charizard I bought on purpose, the rest were either from packs or books.

^This was from the artbook, I wanted to sell it off mint in wrapper at first but was being lowballed all the time so I broke it open and its now in my album forever.

^I really do enjoy looking at this card, it reminds me of a nature documentary


This part of the collection began when I saw ポケモン育て屋夫婦 (Pokemon Day Care Couple House). Then I set out to get as many cards that had similar slice-of-life artwork as possible!

^The card that started it all, it’s really beautiful and serene…

^I enjoy this artwork as it really shows that the Professors do have work beyond their labs, they go out into the field and do research!

^One day I might get the Hoothoot AR artwork…one day…

^And that day has come!

^I appreciate how they didn’t assign twin pokemon to the kids, it shows they have individual personality.

^I just feel like the full art slaps harder

^It’s us isn’t it lol

^You know the level of trust is there when you let a flaming pokemon near the books in your library

^It really looks like the trainer took a photo of their Fletchinder while camping


I love the daily life concept!
My girlfriend has something similar in her binder - nice to see there’s a few more cards for her to get


You know that feeling when you were playing the games and you were chasing the legendaries, well this is something like that.

^Also gotten from a pack, but can’t complain!

^The holo really blends into the artwork and makes the pokemon pop!

^Also love these ukyio-e/woodcut type artworks

^The finish on these Legend cards is quite stunning. Lot’s of foil on this pair! Ironically it is so bright in person it obscures the cosmos which you see here.

^This card is VERY pretty in person, lots of textures!

^Lot’s of cosmos holo on this pair in person but conversely the foil obscures the cosmos in the scan!


Cool, let me know if I missed something too!

That’s a fantastic collection! I’ve always been more of a Haunter guy, but Gengar is absolutely blessed with great artworks! I also really like your presentation :slight_smile:

Thank you friend! I do have one Haunter in my collection, will show it in an update soon haha.

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^My favourite of the bunch


I have a page which is just filled with bird-types, no particular reason just out of convenience. Cool art still!

^I always feel like in a pokemon-world setting this could be in a bathhouse as a wall mural

^The holo treatment really makes the sunlight pop in this artwork


This section is dedicated to artwork that is cute and doesn’t sit in the other categories, so they are in a standalone section.

^My favourite is the one in the middle that fell over in the snow.

^I didn’t buy this card, came in a pack but I do like the homely vibes so I kept it.

^Another card I didn’t buy but kept in my collection since it’s cute.

^Parking this here because why not?


I rarely purchase cards just because I want to complete the evolution, so most of them are just coincidentally “complete” in that sense - some are not but I am okay with it haha. I have my own canon for which card evolves to which, so they are displayed in that order! I’ll describe some of them but leave some to your imagination for the pairings :smile:. As of the September update I have also moved most cards over to the various type sections! For now only keeping evolution lines which have type changes across the line.

^You can’t really see it, but there IS a holo pattern on this card.

^Got this while searching for reverse holos, bonus, it has the same Art Director as the Scizor card in my collection!

^I really love this artwork, it is super-dynamic and narrative especially when read with the flavour text.


I just felt like the artworks for Rotom and its forms told a very interesting story, PLUS it happened that the holo finishes match for most of them. So I have collected as 2 sets by mixing cards.


^A little bit ominous but at the same time also kind of peaceful?

^One day I might cave to nostalgia and get the EX Sandstorm Dusclops and Duskull.

^I just love this artwork so much, the Haunter looks so mischevious! It also really reminds me of this old mascot that used to appear on some candy…if I remember it I will edit this!

^My wife says it looks like it’s taking a dump. I thought it was just stressed out by the tiny worm. What do you think?


Most of this category started off from me chasing the old school cosmo holo cards - there just happens to be more electric types that had such amazing artwork!

^I like to imagine this Electrode is intimidating Giovanni.

^I did not know this card was textured until I got it, so that was a big bonus! I do like the design of Charjabug so definitely was a successful chase for me.

^One of my favourite pokes from the Sword Shield era, so this full art really shows the punk rocker aspect!

^Here’s a pro-tip for you Marnie fans, this is a great affordable way to get somewhat full-art Marnie artwork that is super interesting!

^Newly acquired in September 2023, I think it looks as mischevious as the Dark Raichu so it’s the perfect pair. Also, it has an Orion’s belt (credits to the term by @xileets) lined up on the left and mini-orb in the paw as well, matches the Dark Raichu!

^Yes, I wanted Dark Raichu, and luckily it also has a conveniently placed orb. I like to think that the happy Pikachu above evolved and just became somewhat mischevious. It definitely was mischevious all along!

^I took a long time to decide which Pikachu to pair with the Raichu I wanted below. I contemplated on getting one by Atsuko Nishida but the only artwork I like was the Summer Vacation promo which is well…not the easiest to get. So I decided to go against the norm and pick another artist, relatively uncommon, and chose this! I like how it’s enjoying the berries so it’s a really happy card. Now I have another pikachu, headcanon is this happy one evolved into the Aiolian Raichu…

^…and became a surfer poke!

^This art is quite special since it is a cameo, can you figure out where? Also it’s a beautiful holo.

^This duo is somewhat iconic to me at this point, and while I didn’t buy the card cause it just came in a pack, I kept it cause it’s still dynamic and interesting.


^Look at how happy the little fella is!

^If you have played the new Pokemon Snap, you will know how cute this is in motion.

^The moment I saw the announcement for this artwork winning runner-up and getting a card I HAD to get it. I hope Taiga illustrates more cards in future!

^This alt art was the chase for me, so I bought it when I didn’t pull it from the packs lol.

^Another extremely dynamic artwork and the cosmos holo makes it look like bubbles.

^Actually at this point you might notice I have quite a few cards which have this slice-of-life theme going on, I really like it a lot. Side note, I contemplated on the Machamp for a long time - you know which one, but decided against it.

^Bought this as a pair with the Arita Gyarados, really glad to have found both!

^I wanted this card first, the holo is just so unique! Then I found there was a cosmos holo Froslass as well, and I chanced upon the cute Komiya artwork Snorunt so I just caved and bought the Pokekyun Snorunt to round off 2 evo pairs.


^At first I didn’t really like Absol, thinking it was just an edgy pokemon since it was tagged “Disaster type”. Then I realised it’s called that because it protects others from impending disaster that it senses and so I was like that’s really neat. In this art it looks so stoic and watchful, as if it senses an avalanche that is about to occur. Of course, the holo gives a snowy effect, perfect!

^Look at this badass, flinging beach furniture everywhere, making people climb up trees.

^Persona 5 vibes.

^This will forever be moonbreon to me.


This category section is a placeholder, when I have enough cards to go in other new categories I will shift the cards over to those!

^I just love how the trio are really fighting for their lives haha

^What’s not to love about this artwork!

^I have real nostalgia for this card since I used to own the english print when I was younger

^And of course, I had to buy this together with Seviper!

^Funnily enough I like the holo on this card even in scanned form, works really well!


I see you’ve made use of the new “scrollable content” feature. Looks great!


is there anyway to make them taller so you can see an entire card at once?

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