raichuforyou's October PSA Returns

This time around I sent a lot of Japanese cards I had been collecting. I’m just going to show some of the highlights from this round so I hope you all enjoy!

I sent two Shining Mew cards in and they both recieved a mint 9. One was also designated (OC) for off center.

I sent several Web cards but the best were these two. Gem Mint 10 Nidoking and Mint 9 Dark Charizard.

Next I’ll go through the Trainer’s Magazine promos.
The set starts in Volume 14 with the first 3 eeveelutions. Flareon got a Gem Mint 10 while Jolteon and Vaporeon got a Mint 9.

The next issue featured Slowpoke, Slowbro, and Slowking. I sent in two sets and an additional Slowbro. Two sets came back Gem Mint 10 and one of the Slowbros came back Mint 9.

Volume 16 included the evolved forms of the Gen 2 starters. All three got a Gem Mint 10 and is currently the only Gem 10 set.

I don’t have Volume 17 but it had Charmeleon, Ivysaur, and Wartortle. Help me get these!

These are some of my favorite cards out there! I am so happy these all got Gem Mint 10 grades!!! Volume 18 Moltres, Articuno, and Zapdos.

I still need Volume 19 cards! Dratini, Dragonair, and Dragonite. Help me get these!

Also need Volume 20 Larvitar, Pupitar, and Tyranitar ex. Help me get these!

Volume 21 is the best and probably hardest to find of the T-Promos. Imakuni? drew the strange illustrations for us. So, enjoy?

Unknown to many, the Prerelease Aerodactyl has two different versions. The less common version has a gold lettered “Prerelease” stamp and also has the “Galaxy” holofoil pattern.
This copy got a Mint 9 but someday I’d like to get a Gem mint copy of this card.

I saved the best for last! Vaporeon* Play Promo Gem Mint 10, Grand Party Trainer Gem Mint 10, and Lucky Stadium (English) Gem Mint 10.

I do hope you all have enjoyed! I’ll get some of my recent purchases up here soon so look out for those! :blush:


Thank you for sharing! What a beautiful bunch of cards! :blush:

The Trainers cards are awesome and the Grand Party is a real classic. Congrats on the PSA 10!

That’s an incredible submission!

My favorite would have to be the Legendary birds. Good job pulling off all PSA 10s on those. :blush:

Fun fun! Gotta love that PSA 10 percentage.

Thanks @cbd1235 I was really happy to find out about the Grand Party! Whoever had it before me must have taken good care of it :wink:
@soulwind Thanks! I have to agree, those birds are sweet!
@funmonkey54 Overall I got 1-NM8 9-Mint9 and 20-Gem Mint10. I’m pretty satisfied with that :blush:

That was a superb submission, I think anyone would have been delighted with those grades! My favourite is definitely the Grand Party - still such a beautiful card.