RaichuForYou's New Collection Updates

Hey guys! It’s been almost a year since I made my first collection addition thread. Since then I have been busy collecting more and grading some of my nicer cards. I won’t share them all but I’ll post some of my favorites. So I’ll get right into it. I’d love to hear what you guys think!

First we have the GB Great Rocket’s Mewtwo and Lugia Gem Mint 10s

Karen’s Umbreon Gem Mint 10

Dark Persian No HP Error Mint 9 (One of my favorite cards ever!)

Next we have a WEB Series Rocket’s Meowth. I know what you’re all wondering, and yes, it is the first Gem Mint 10 copy ever graded lol

Crystal Charizard Gem Mint 10

Rayquaza* and Latios* Gem Mint 10. The Latios is 1 of 2 to ever get a Gem Mint grade.

Play Promo Vaporeon*. This will be sent off in my next PSA submission.

The most common “rare” card ever Shining Mew.

And the last card for this update, a 1st ed WEB Dark Charizard. This will also go off to PSA in my next round.

Hope you all enjoyed! I’ll be updating more as new stuff comes in :blush:

Sweet prairie dogs, those are some sweet cards. PSA 10 Charizard and Rayquaza! Kudos to you!

And the part about the Shining Mew made me laugh :stuck_out_tongue:

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Those are some real gems there. I’m thoroughly impressed. :blush:

I love the GB Lugia!

Daelum- Thanks! And yeah I think Shining Mew is way over priced for how many there are available at any given time lol

funmonkey54- Thanks! Took a long time to get them in my collection. Very proud I could grade them all myself :grin:

Tolan- That has got to be one of my favorite cards ever!!!

I prefer grading myself SO much more than buying graded cards. Haha.

Couldn’t say it better myself.
I understand for some why they do, but for me that makes it less sentimental and I can’t get as attached for my collection.
I’d rather know I pulled this card, and know it’ll get a 9-10 than trade/buy something that is questionable.
Of course there ARE the occasions where I find a gem on sale/for trade that probably will get a 9-10 :blush:

Oh, I buy cards with the intention of grading all the time. That’s most of my graded cards.
I just like the process of sending in cards and getting grades back. It’s exciting.

But sometimes the only PSA 10 of a card you can find is one that is already graded, ya know?

Eh, more realistically is that I just don’t feel like looking. It’s usually out there. :stuck_out_tongue:

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