Raichu 29/62 fake or not

Hi All,

This card is on the market but I assume it’s fake or not ? It should have the Fossil tag but it hasn’t.
Or is is a special card. Hope you can help to get the answer.


it’s from the legendary collection I think - cool card either way :blush:

It is fake, a Fossil card with a Neo Revelations symbol is nonsense. However, can we have maybe some closer photos of the front/back and possibly a scan. I ask this because it looks like a damn good fake.


Neo Discovery symbol on Fossil Raichu isn’t good news.

Wrong hp ‘80’ and hp font is too small, looks pretty cool though fakewise

It’s offered on the internet. I only have an other picture of the back. Waiting others to reply for the final verdict :sunglasses:


Fake, but coool

Look at those colours! Id pay five bucks for it if it was a fake pikachu

no need to wait for other replies, milhouse is spot on, big time fake. but those background colours are beaut arnt they?


@ nauticads

For an English card, yes. But “Fossil” Raichu is actually a holo in the Japanese Neo 2 set.

Yes sir, I know Dark Raichu is included in Neo 2 set. My comment solely pointed out flaws in this specific fake card.

Yep sorry, my bad, that’s Dark Raichu -.-

That’s definitely one of the more beautiful fakes I’ve seen so far *_*

Are you saying this is currently on a sale online? If you don’t plan on getting it you should pm me a link to it as I might be interested in getting it.

Report him :stuck_out_tongue:
Haha I’m playing, this is a nicely done fake though.

I’m doing a service, taking fakes out of the market (: (hehe)


Bought the card for $3 (could not resist it).

Did a scan with 200 DPI.

Who made this did a good job. Happy to hear your comment.


Between the wrong HP, fonts, set symbol and background colours I wouldn’t say it’s well made, the quality might be decent but there are obvious signs it’s fake without even having seen it in person.

Fake for me is that you try to copy a card. This guy/girl probably had fun making this card.

I contacted the seller :

haha, i didnt know it was fake when i made the advert because of the quality of the card, but after asking around on ebay i found out that it was. no i dont know, i got it when i was younger in like 2004

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On 8 jan. 2016, at 20:18, xxxxx via Marktplaats wrote:

Hi Jamie,

I received the card, Thx for that,

Before buying I already knew it was a fake card so no hard feelings.

Did you make this card or did you buy it from somebody else ?

Looking for more fake Pokemon cards with this quality :blush:

Weren’t we going to have someone make fake cards at some point? XD