Quilava ENG/JPN Master Set

Every Quilava card thru Astra Radiance/Time Gazer from the TCG English and Japanese sets.
Also have some random non TCG cards at the bottom I have as well.


Neo Genesis
46 Quilava 1st Edition
46 Quilava Unlimited
47 Quilava 1st Edition
47 Quilava Unlimited

Neo Destiny
39 Dark Quilava 1st Edition
39 Dark Quilava Unlimited

91 Quilava Non-Holo
91 Quilava Reverse Holo

ex Sandstorm
51 Quilava Non-Holo H5C
51 Quilava Non-Holo L0H
51 Quilava Reverse Holo

ex Unseen Forces
45 Quilava Non-Holo
45 Quilava Reverse Holo

ex Dragon Frontiers
36 Quilava Non-Holo
36 Quilava Reverse Holo

Mysterious Treasures
60 Quilava Non-Holo
60 Quilava Reverse Holo

HeartGold SoulSilver
49 Quilava Non-Holo
49 Quilava Reverse Holo

Call of Legends
49 Quilava Non-Holo
49 Quilava Reverse Holo

XY BREAKthrough
19 Quilava Non-Holo
19 Quilava Reverse Holo

Lost Thunder
41 Quilava Non-Holo
41 Quilava Reverse Holo

Astral Radiance
24 Quilava Non-Holo
24 Quilava Reverse Holo

Promo World Championship Decks
2011 Reshiphlosion Quilava


Neo 1
Quilava Corrected

Neo 4
Dark Quilava

Promo Neo Premium File 1

Miracle of the Desert
12 Quilava 1st Edition
12 Quilava Unlimited

Offence and Defence from the Furthest Ends
33 Quilava 1st Edition
33 Quilava Unlimited

Secret of the Lakes
Quilava 1st Edition
Quilava Unlimited

SoulSilver Collection
15 Quilava Non-Holo
15 Quilava Reverse Holo

Blue Impact
10 Quilava

Explosive Impact
18 Quilava

Promo Intro Pack Neo
13 Quilava

Promo Pokemon-e Starter Deck
15 Quilava 1st Edition

Promo T Promo Cards
8 Quilava

Promo Constructed Decks
Typhlosion Deck 2 Quilava 1st Edition
Typhlosion Deck 2 Quilava Unlimited

Time Gazer
10 Quilava Non-Holo



I love to see this! Quilava has always been my favorite from the Cyndaquil line and it has some really beautiful cards as well.


Very cool collection, I love seeing collectors for uncommon Pokémon! :slight_smile:

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Quilava is one of my favorite middle stage Pokemon! Even though it hasn’t gotten a lot of cards throughout the years at least it received some great art. Especially with Dark Quilava!

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This is awesome, definitely one of the favorite collections to see now. Which was the hardest one to find?

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The corrected Neo was definitely the most expensive.

Probably finding a NM unlimited from the Japanese Typhlosion Deck, was a good time of squinting on buyee lol.

Also commenting here since it’s incredible achievement to find all the variants in both 1st edition and unlimited + the code variants, since if had a similar project for a long time i know how difficult the hunt can be! Also, non tcg, yey :smiley:

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