quick question and thoughts/opinion I guess

so I just had this card offered to me, Pokemon Japanese PSA 9 1st Edition Ampharos expedition
what value would you put on that, or in your opnion how worth it is me striking a deal with the owner?

Hrm, for me I wouldn’t value it too highly…

still nice thing to have I guess

I suppose. Personally though if it was such a common card like that, I don’ see the point in getting it graded.
It’s probably worth 2-3 times the amount of if it were not graded.

Sounds like the kind of card you can never sell. I’d offer super cheap on it if I decided I was interested at all. Maybe 1.5 times the value of a mint ungraded copy. It’s the kind of card people only get for the sake of having a graded card. Which isn’t a reason that is worth buying on. You could use the money for something that is unique, or really valuable to you personally.

ok thanks for help guys

this is gonna sound silly BUT HOW MUCH would be cheap for it, haha idk why I’m still tempted simply because it’s japanese

I wouldn’t pay any more than a fiver or so for it. The Japanese expedition cards are very easy to find and the guy has spent more money grading the card than its worth!

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