Price Check

I had a young kid customer send me this card and he asked me to sell it for him. Of course I said yes but I have no clue what fixed price to charge…no offers. He’ll be watching this thread so speak nicely! Thanks.

In all seriousness though, it’s tough to say. It seems like it could be a rare card, but that 5 grade might keep it from going too high… Did he say he doesn’t want to auction it? That might be your best shot at seeing what it’s worth, if you don’t want to list it at BIN or Best Offer.

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Hey Gary,

It is a decently rare card but a poor grade. Probably would do better raw. The card itself was awarded at the 2000 champion road tournament. The two normally white stars that are the set symbol have a gold border. It is the most sought after copy of this card, but is not extremely expensive.

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Yeah, it has to be fixed price with no offers.

Thanks for the good info above but I’m looking for a specific price cause I have absolutely no clue.

How about the graded 5 price and the ungraded appx 5 price.


Why s it so hard to get a price opinion on this card.
I need help.

You have helped me many times with Info but I could only find this saying it was 35US Ungraded -

Don’t think the sites been updated for ages though :confused: Says masaki promos are 85 each though.

Thanks for trying brother:)
Anybody else have any memory from something more recent?

There are no recent sales of the card. It rarely appears and is obscure, making it difficult to gauge.

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Scott@ you’re my last hope.
If you listed this card fixed price how much would you put it at Graded? And Cracked?

Crack it out of the case, put it up between $49-75. It is a tough call that no one can really answer as it is obscure and the condition is not ideal.

Got it and thanks…

This is definitely an interesting card to try and determine the value for. I would say the condition it sits at, in a PSA 5 you’d be looking at around $50-70. In ungraded condition, you might get $40-60+ but since the condition is a 5, I don’t know what consequences you might face are… If say someone bought it and then complained about condition.