should i bother?

Ive been a huge pkmn fan since 1996 so decided to start collecting a few cards, got an unsealed english ancient mew and my question is, would it be worth getting it psa graded as I plan to keep for decades or is it just a silly investment?


If your planning to keep it for decades then find a great hard acrylic case to protect it. not really worth enough for grading investment.

Thanks for reply, you know any good sites to get a case like the one you mentioned? or even browse a few, id like to get a sweet looking one.

I would go to eBay and search up card cases. There is a lot of variety on there, look for ultra pro or a brand name for quality.

ok ty guys

Where do you live outsider?

Ireland, I just bought 3 of this type of card case ;p

Those are nice holders. Very reliable.

Great to hear, excited for the first card in my collection to be delivered and cased ;p I’m just devastated that my parents got rid of my entire collection that I had when I was a child as they assumed id grown out of it… cant really blame them how were they to know theyd be collectable this far down the line

Not a bad choice! If possible I would try to pick up some pro-fit ultra pro penny sleeves as well. This will prevent any scratches or whitening from any movement within the case.

Any idea if there is a UK website that sells these? I was browsing some american websites for some and the delivery is over 70 dollars for an item worth under 2! madness is this the right one you meant?

Those will work splendid! I use them myself for everything.

Is there a first edition shadowless oddish card in existance? Im not too sure how the pkmn collecting game goes these days, as i meantioned before. I collected way back in the day when it was all brand new, but im not sure if all the originals were released in shadowless versions and 1st edition?

Well there were three original sets as I would call them; Base, Jungle, Fossil.

Base set was the only one ever to have a shadowless release. Unfortunately Oddish was in Jungle and not Base set so a shadowless version was never made. All older sets have a 1st edition release.

So the best thing to go for would be a 1st edition oddish from jungle set then? How much should I pay for this card before im over paying? and how hard to source will i find this?

im assuming pretty cheap, im sure its a common


Awsome, ty!