Should I get these two cards PSA graded?

It’s all up to you, man. Would you rather have your cards encased, or would you rather have them loose?

There really is no right answer here. Some collectors like PSA cases. Others prefer to keep them loose and/or store them in binders.

Don’t get your cards PSA graded just because other people are doing it. Do it because you WANT to do it.


Thanks for replying.
I do plan on keeping them encased. Maybe in one of the ultra pro magnetic cases, best of both worlds.

My worry is that ancient mew is a tricky card due to the different versions of it. Would it be a good idea to authenticate the card?

Also do you know if the PSA cases offers UV protection?

Thanks in advance.

Anyone who knows about the existence of the corrected Mew will know what to look for. I’m not sure if grading it will really provide anything extra for you. If you like the idea of the label, go for it. If you’re thinking of selling and it has a shot at 10 I’d recommend grading. Otherwise it’s really just your personal preference.

And no, PSA cases offer zero protection against UV but certain One Touch cases do.

That’s exactly the kind of answer I am looking for. Even though the card is in near mint to mint condition, I don’t have any plans of selling it. If the PSA case offered UV protection then I might have gone for that label and protection.

I am gonna keep them safe in quality cases and put them on display.

Thanks for the help!