What max grade would this card get?

I’ve run into the opportunity to buy a card, I originally thought the front looked flawless, the back however looks like…
If I were to grade this card where the front had minor scratches (if any) and the creases did not show, what grade would I be looking at (with maximum luck on my side)?

4 probably, 5 max imo.

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Ouch maaan…that cards back is looking rough…creases and bends instantly knock it down to like a5 maybe…depends on the front…but those creases are baad…Id give it a 3 aha…at best

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Damn, that’s kinda what I was thinking. Unfortunately it’s a clean 1st Edition zard on the other side


My guess it’s going to be 4 or less…

Can we see the front? Not trying to be rude, but I can’t see how that can be clean in the least bit on the front…

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Personally without seeing the front i would be expecting a 4 or borderline 5 as well. The thing i find is that with lower grades it is much more difficult to predict what you will get than the standard is it a 9 or 10 types of things you consider when grading cards aiming for 10s.

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Agreed, I feel after there’s a large crease like that the small reasons a card gets a 9 rather than a 10 don’t matter. Such that there are infinite ways of receiving a 5 but only 1 way of receiving a 10.
I ended up cutting a deal. I’ll be purchasing the card for 450 CAD roughly 350 USD.
Though the question still remains ‘Do I grade it?’

Yes, no point not grading it if you are spending 350 on a card…the grading cost will be what…10-15$ through a middleman? I see no reason not to preserve its psa 3-4 goodness(i am serious though ^.^ grade it)

Well if you got a 3 or 2 PSA then those are super low pops and possibly people will bid higher than it’s worth complete a set of PSA 1-10. That is so bent I don’t think it would get a 5…if that gets a 5 then my charizard at PSA that I thought would get a 5 has to be getting a 6.

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Other photos for ref

If you want the appeal of the psa case without the gross grade number consider getting it labelled as “authentic” rather than actually assigning a grade

If you’re grading it hoping it will sell more, truthfully you’ll probably get more money ungraded.


Id grade it to keep it safer in a psa case

Good point on the authentic case. I am not looking to resell it (my first 1ed shadowless zard). However in case I do run into monetary problems, I don’t want to lose money.
You guys have definitely convinced me to get it graded.
I haven’t decided which way to grade it but I do anticipate that wonderful protection.