Quick question about PSA validity

So… I managed to snag this off ebay. Listed for less than 5 minutes.

I researched the certification on PSA’s site - www.psacard.com/cert/27210365/

Looks good… but since its a new seller is there anyway to check if another human owns that card or if its been presented somewhere?

Im not too worried while having ebay protection but id rather know for future reference, this one felt like a timely manner.

Thanks all :stuck_out_tongue:

If its from China and low feedback/new seller, you’re going to have a bad time

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You can check every public sale and look up the cert numbers for a match, but honestly… As soon as I saw China I knew it was a scam.

Edit: I found the card already, took only a few seconds. :blush:

PSA 10 Espeon

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No way that is legit. Looks like a charizard authority picture with the water mark cut off.

Don’t buy PSA graded cards from China EVER. The scammers all have the same kind of randomized usernames. AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE! Have fun dealing with the hassle :confused:

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Good thing is , the price is negligible & ebays got your back , especially if you’ve been there for a bit.

To be honest the too good to be true factor ALWAYS applies but i felt it couldnt hurt too bad if all fails.

Edit* thats why i love this forum. I’ve won some nice cards before from sketchy areas but its always nice to have this elite team.

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99.9% scam. You will eventually get your money back through ebay (ebay is stellar at protecting its buyers.)

0 feedback chinese sellers with absurdly low prices are basically always scams. The will even use the same pictures from listings that sold before.

Check my previous post for the actual card with same cert number. Did you pay already? You’ll get your money back, but I wouldn,t have paid.

I had a similar case happened and I kept asking the seller for other pictures and they sent me a picture with a different cert.

These scams are to steal your personal information. Even if you get your money back you are helping others get robbed.

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China seller, 99.999% not legit.

Thank you all :heart_eyes:

Edit* Already in talks with ebay.

how did you fall for this lol :sweat:

Buying graded beauties from shady places. sometimes you win , sometimes you lose . Either way, always wear protection.


I mean you’re right… Pricing errors or wrong description, but at least buy from someone that is an actual seller.

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I mean , you right . you ain’t never lied.

Those phantom sellers though.

Lol I’ve been watching this card for a while, knew it was a fake listing instantly.

Its ok. Made up for it by scooping up a GEM MT10 Larvitar 2002 MCDs for 30$ .

My soul feels a little better.