Fake psa cards on ebay? Or paranoia lol

As the subject says, are fake psa cards out there?? I found one of my favorite cards on eBay and a psa 9 is going for over 100 and I found a buy it now for 45? Sounds like a steal, maybe they messed up. I don’t know. Comments?

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there are fake cards but it is usually quite obvious. what is the card and listing? if you want me to take a look without showing to people private message me and I’ll look. I won’t snipe your card >__>


I think you meant to say fake listings, not fake cards?

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I honestly think I messed up. Lol one was 1st editon and the other was just regular fossil >_< I typed in 1st edition and was just shocked by the price I must of missed it was just reg fossil. But still, I’m curious if their is some fake listings or fake psa cards ever sold. I hope not

there are but the chances are so slim, and there are so many protections and people here that can help you that I think you are far too worried

Don’t buy any PSA cards from China. Not only will you not receive the card, they are usually fishing for information.

Other than that, fake PSA cards aren’t a thing. If someone posts a photo of a PSA item and doesn’t deliver, you are covered trough eBay.


I have yet to see a fake Pokémon card in a PSA case. There are a few known instances of graded cards with after-market stamps or cards that have had their edges trimmed but

  1. these cards make up an extraordinarily small percentage of all PSA graded cards
    2)PSA has a guarantee refund for fake cards that managed to get graded.

Basically what I’m saying is you can buy graded cards with high confidence

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tho it can be hell to make them acknowledge altered cards were indeed altered :face_with_spiral_eyes:

it really is such a small percentage of graded cards though that you would be extremely hard pressed to run into the situation