Questions about POP Series 4 Deoxys ex

Hi everyone! I’m new to this site so hopefully I’m not breaking any rules. I’m trying to find out more about the Deoxys ex from POP Series 4. I’ve been having some difficulty learning anything about this card, and I was pointed here.

I’ve been working on collecting POP cards, and Deoxys ex is one of the last few I need. I haven’t really seen any though on eBay and there’s only a few on TCGPlayer for $1,000+.

My questions are: How rare is this card? Is it really around the $1,000 price range? And, does this card come in foil and non-foil versions like the other POP ex’s?

Any help would be really appreciated :blush: Thanks for reading!

Not sure but if you need pop series 5 cards, I got some. Just opened 4 packs

I should be good on those unless you pulled some of those Gold Stars :stuck_out_tongue:

I did not. I wish!

Welcome to the site!

The card certainly isn’t worth $1k. Here’s one on eBay now for about $40 US:

I don’t even think it’s worth that, I’d probably pay at max $20-25 for a mint copy. Its just hard to find given its relative obscurity and inclusion in a POP set. I don’t believe this card came in a foil, most POP cards that come as foils are printed as promos and I can’t remember any EX-era promo products featuring it.

POP series 4 packs are pretty cheap as well as I’m sure you know, I don’t know pull rates but you might try your hand at pulling one!


Awesome, thank you so much for the info!

I see one copy sold at auction mid-December (15th) for $35.04 + $9.83 shipping.
$1000 is absurd for this card. However, it seems to be pretty scarce at the moment. It’s always been one of those rarer cards that just didn’t cost too much. I suspect the pull rate for this card was similar to that of the gold stars in POP 5 (no real basis on this, just suspicion). Technically it probably should be worth more than it is but that’s up to the market to decide. It’s also pop 0 for PSA 10s. They list a holo version in their pop report but I’m not sure if that is an error on their part or what.