Questions About Paying US customs

Sup guys!

So I’m looking to make a big purchase hopefully soon that’s outside of the States!

Now from my own experiences I’ve never had to pay any kind go fees.

Does anyone know if it’s a possibility to have of pay?
Because I’ve had a $700 card come from Buyee (Japan) and there were no fees what so ever.


I’ve never had to pay any customs fees on US imports if delivered by USPS. You’re in the clear for all I know.

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If it’s what I think it might be, I’m very happy for you! :blush:

As for customs fees, if the item is worth more than a couple of thousand of dollars and is being shipped insured from Japan, then you might be looking at customs fees or tax. That’s because on packages insured at 200,000 yen or more, Japan Post requires special customs paperwork.

What do you mean by “a big purchase”? What amount?

Not that card :wink:

I wish it was, but I actually came across another biggie on my list.

But thank you for the info!

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What do you mean by “a big purchase”? What amount?

around $2000!


Based on my experience, and I’ve had many larger transactions, you’ll be fine.

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Don’t worry Jeremy you should be fine! I have never paid customs on anything ever. And that is a good price for what you purchased. :blush:


And on the other side of the pond there’s me paying customs fees on anything over 15GBP :slightly_frowning_face:

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This could be changing.
In order to pay for the free services for illegal aliens, which our Democratic Party advocates, the import duty laws will change and it could be much worse than the UK. Sort of like how Austalia recently changed. Let’s just hope Hillary or Bernie don’t get in and let the tax and spend begin:(
Does anybody from AU know why specifically they changed their import duty limits law?

What even happened there? I’m sure years ago I was never charged for anything, then all of a sudden I returned to ebay and my stuff from the US started being held by customs for a fee. They never even do it accurately. They see the $200 value on the package and they do 20% of the $$$ but do not take currency differences into account, they go by the logic that 20% of $$$ = 20% of £££. e.g. ($200 item) they will charge £40 ($60) plus £8 handling fee instead of converting the $200 to £££ first so it should go:

$200 = £130 /100*20 = £26 + £8 fee = £34. Instead they will charge £48. It doesn’t sound much but I have made purchases from the US into the thousands of dollars. I think only on some occasions I’ve had really big fees to pay, but I have to take some responsibility as instead of contesting them to do the maths correctly I just pay it to save time.

Interesting. Can you direct me to a reputable source that will confirm that?

The taxation of imports is actually not as simple as local businesses complaining that they can not compete with online retailers.

Although it is a significant problem because Australia is naturally a very expensive country to live in and purchase things in.

Our government has also been fiercely looking for ways to increase taxes and diminish the ability of the lower classes to practically survive. All from a conservative government.

I’m unsure if the US has a GST (goods and services tax for those who don’t know), but in Australia we have this tax that applies to any product or service that is not mandatory to immediate survival (fruit, bread, milk etc is excluded from this tax). The GST is actually decided by the states and collected federally, then distributed back to the states at weird and confusing percentages.

There has been a LOT of talk about raising the GST to 12.5% (from 10%). There has also been discussion about enforcing the tax on all products.

The reasoning is the government wants more money from the people. In this same train of thought, the government thought “all those people buying things online that aren’t being taxed, we should tax them!”

And thus was born the idea of lowering import tax from the threshold of $1,000 to $0. Lame.

I see. So it really doesn’t help the intended purpose like they hoped?

I don’t think it will. and following on from what OZ said, at the end of the day it’s largely an excuse to put in another structure in which the government can take even more of your money from you than it already does. Helicopter flights from melbourne to geelong and all the other rubbish they do is expensive, they need to pay for it somehow…

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It’s been addressed many times but I remember specifically it being discussed in an interview between Chris Matthews (of MSNBC) and Gov Jerry Brown of California. Of course they’re two ultra liberals but they both hold positions of power so you gotta take them seriously. Of course hillbilly and sanders would follow suit.
One good thing about it would be at least the people would further see how badly they’re hurt by paying more new and exuberant fees which could help turn them away from the idiots who support excessive taxing to fund wasteful spending. For me though, and so many other little guys who are just trying to barely get by, it would be just enough of a financial burden to break us. Plus it would cost our international Pokemon traders a lot of business.

That behavior sounds very familiar…and sad.

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Just want to translate something for our Aussies who may not understand;

US Liberals = Aussie Left Wing politics
Aussie Conservatives (Liberals and Nationals) = US Right Wing politics

Just speaking in terms of political ideologies.

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