Question on Base Set Boosters

Hello everyone,

I hope you are all staying safe in this current climate!

I was going through some blister packs in my collection earlier and upon closer inspection I noticed that of the 3 Base Set Blisters I have, 1 of them is slightly different to the other 2.

As you can see, the Venusaur pack has a much larger “Trading Card Game” symbol and a slightly thinner “11 Additional Game Cards” font.

I imagine this is something to do with print runs, possibly 4th print? I’ve had these for years and never noticed it until now, so I was wondering if anyone knows whats up with it!

Thank you for your time and any responses,

Thaesha :blush:


it’s not 4th print, those don’t come in blisters, just a pack variation of unlimited base set.


@rattlebear,@acebren, Thank you very much for the replies! The linked thread was super interesting, I knew Base had a bunch of print runs but not quite that many…

Stay safe :blush: