Question about Tenso and Pokemon Center Japan

For those people who have ordered from pokemon center japan and used tenso

When making an account on pokemon center japan there are two lines for names. Do you put your translated japanese name for the first line and the name on your tenso account on the second line?

Pokémoncenter doesn’t care about your English name. The two lines are for katakana and furigana if I’m not mistaken. I personally entered my name in Katakana twice, and it didn’t give an error. I’ve heard others say they entered their name in English twice, not receiving an error either (though with a long name you will struggle). Crossing my fingers Tenso isn’t going to be a dick about it… Curious what others’ experience has been.

The Pokemon Center 100% accepts English names. If you are having trouble entering your name in English it is probably because on Japanese websites you often need to use full-width alphanumeric characters. You might see these kanji 全角 next to the name field.

John Smith < half-width
John Smith < full- width

You probably also need to write a katakana name for the furigana too.

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@beggles The top box only accepts names of maximum length 15. Not everyone has a short name… Also wouldn’t it be last name → first name?

But I might add, you can change these details after creating the account, you can even change them in the delivery address, so fret not, just send them somewhere and figure this out later :wink: . Here a name converter for katakana by the way.

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The problem is is that my full english name that is verified on tenso doesnt fit in the first field on the pokemon center website. I put my katakana name in the first field and my english name in the second. What im a little nervous about is that tenso says your verified name and your ID number need to be on the label for it to be added to your account upon delivery. Im not sure if pokemon center will have both my name in katakana and english on the shipping label

The shipping label on the package from the Pokémon Center to your middle man? I could check but unfortunately I don’t think I have any of my old Pokémon Center deliveries lying around. I will check when I get home though. But it isn’t typical for labels to have furigana on them (furigana is a way to check the spoken pronunciation of a name, as opposed to an official spelling) so labels will usually just have your official name which is your English one. Can’t be 100% sure on that.

I had the same concern. Entered my name in English for both. Had to shorten it slightly because of length. Hope it’s all good.

This is my concern as well and why I haven’t pulled the trigger. My full name is exactly 1 character over the limit. I could try katakana or my full English name with 1 character shorter but I am worried Tenso won’t ship the order properly since the names are technically different.

I recently made a Tenso account for the first time too. Simply placed a small order to give it a go. I used first name last name and then first middle last for full width I had no idea what that means but interesting it’s literally the same thing just with more character spacing lol. I did it in English and will try to remember to report back if it works out.

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I emailed tenso about this and they said it is fine to use a shortened version of your name as they use the TS number to verify as well. Here is the email:

I also put in an order from pokemon center shortly after with my shortened first name and it arrived to tenso just fine.

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That’s a big help thanks. My first and last name just fit in the first category if I put no spaces between first and last name

Awesome to hear it worked out. If I receive my precious box, then this new pre-order from Japan method is just going to make getting exclusive product so much easier.

This is literally what I did too. @ddk I think this is makes sense for you too. But since the TS number is more important, it doesn’t really matter that much what your name is.

Fantastic, that’s very reassuring to hear! Thanks so much for providing this info @mojotbone, @expedition!


My test order with my name translated into katakana was delivered and added to my account. Even though tenso claims the shipping name has to match the name on the account, that doesnt seem to be the case.

Hope everyone else has success with their test orders

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This thread was very helpful. I’ll be making an order today using tenso. I guess I’ll type my name in Katakana as it seems to be alright.

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Tenso just go by the Transfer Com number on the address
I’ve put my name into google translate and used that for japanese sites where they ask for katakana etc (even though its not an accurate translation) and its been fine

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Checking back to report my test VMAX Climax box purchases worked out!


I don’t really know how the middle man service works when it comes to addresses and proxy payments but the I think that the potential problem could be is that while orders are still suspiciously open for now, if they realise the address or payment is that of a middle man service they might end up cancelling your purchase, if only because it’s a supposedly limited production item. But it might not be a problem.


I tried making another purchase and my credit card was blocked. Did some digging and it seems that pokemon center japan does not accept international credit cards. Seems like the first order goes through and then once they realize it is an international card they ban it and you cant make another purchase.