Quagsire’s Quagsire Buylist

Looking for mint condition cards only or a PSA 10 (if it exists) on the following Quagsire cards. Will pay more for the older cards. Willing to bulk buy as well, feel free to send me a message if you have any of them! I can trade cards for them or I can trade currency, either way I want Quagsire

Japanese Unseen Forces (Typhlosion Deck) Unlimited

Japanese Dragon Frontiers (Offense and Defense of the furthest ends) Unlimited

Japanese Rising Rivals (Bonds to the end of time) Unlimited

Japanese Plasma Freeze (Thunder Knuckle) Unlimited

Secret Wonders

Secret Wonders Reverse

Rising Rivals

Rising Rivals Reverse

Heart Gold Soul Silver Reverse

Plasma Freeze

Plasma Freeze Reverse

Dragon Majesty

Dragon Majesty Reverse

Unbroken Bonds Reverse

Any Quagsire Error Cards


List updated. All hands on deck, help me achieve my life’s purpose.

Acquire quagsire :saluting_face:

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