PWCC / No longer transparent eBay auctions ?

I’m frustrated.

My willingness to spend real money is correlated to the transparency of the seller.

In the case of the upcoming PWCC auction, the seller’s identities are shielded.

I find that very discouraging, and I will have a very difficult time pulling the trigger on high level auctions.

This feels short-sighted.

I do not know their position. I can imagine that it was challenging dealing with consumers pointing out the (0) bidders. I can also imagine that some of the (0) bidders are real, and that PWCC wanted to limit their exposure to these complaints… that’s just my intuition.

But, I personally want to know that the folks I’m bidding against include (but not limited to) proven bidders.

Not thrilled.


(To the OPS - my apologies if this thread already exists.)

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We already have threads on this:

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