PWCC account limited for shill bidding

Massive news I felt worthy of it’s own thread. Just got this e-mail from eBay.

I have heaps of cards with them. Some going live right now. I will be very closely watching how PWCC responds to this.


wow, so glad I paid and got my card from July auction in hand when I did. I guess they’ll go fully off of ebay now. big change for the industry while they rebuild their auction marketplace

I got that too, I sent 1 card to them and it did terribly so Ill probably never use them again,

If you want something done right just do it yourself

Wow, I wasn’t expecting that email. More so because of the amount of money through them


Wait does limiting == no more listings?

Great news for buyers, bad news for sellers (who use PWCC that is).

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I guess I should contact that number and reference every single PWCC card I purchased this past 6 months and see if I can get a stimmy check


Can’t say I’m surprised, but big news nonetheless.

ebay must know the feds are moving in to lock all of PWCC’s assets and holdings, so my cards just got rarer since all of yours will never see the light of day again


Wow just tried to list a card in the vault and got this email:

Oh, no! It looks like we were unable to list one of your items.

Don’t worry, we’ve returned the item to your vault for you.

Reason: The title and/or description may contain improper words, or the listing may be in violation of eBay’s offensive materials policy.

Wonder who would pay this out? I think the only way you could get money would be from some sort of lawsuit against PWCC, which I would think is likely to happen?

Well. Looking at the pile of cards unmailed with my auction form filled out and not exactly sure what route to go now. Haha


Was about to send some cards to the vault, guess it’s on hold for now.


crazy news what are the implications??

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You should have my address on file somewhere. I have a nice metal filing cabinet, er vault I can store em in too.


I’m confused. Was it PWCC themselves shilling, or people shilling their items auctioned though PWCC?

If it was PWCC themselves I’m going to feel like a sucker as I have bought quite a bit through them.


I got the same email. They make it sound like they were able to trace employees shill bidding which is massive if true.


I also have to wonder if this isn’t a bigger story than we will ever know, given PWCC’s current push to launch a competing platform with eBay.

Was this just discovered? Was it quiet until they were a competitor?


Wow that is insane - I have a good amount going live in this monthly block some of which start tonight…wonder what will happen this this months auctions. Also was about to submit a good amount of cards to the vault but will hold off until there is some type of resolution. Ebay will lose a significant amount of fees from this move

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