PSA's Online Submission Center

Hey all,

I’m submitting a small PSA order and happened to stumble onto PSA’s Online Submission Center which must have only recently (past few months) been made available. I used it, and it was unbelievably fast and effective and I 100% recommend it to anyone submitting cards to PSA. It took 1/4 the time of filling out regular submission forms, and allows you to conveniently search your card from a drop-down menu of cards that have already been graded. If it’s not labeled up to par for you, after selecting the card you want to grade, you can easily edit the text on that line to your liking (with plenty of space to do so AND a notes section below for each individual card if you want to add instructions. Best of all, it now offers an optional minimum grade feature for raw cards (it was only previously available on crossovers). If it does not meet your minimum grade, you will be charged the grading fee but they will send it back sleeved as opposed to in a PSA case. There’s also an option to select “no qualifiers” for each individual card on your list.

Try it out! Happy grading :blush:



Perfect! Hats off to PSA!


Die paper die! Everyone needs to kill paper, and try to become more paperless to succeed now-days.

Farout, I can’t believe I just went from a job which was paperless, to one which is still filing in folders… it sucks so hard, and makes more effort for everybody. Feels like I went back to the stone age.

I’m glad PSA has finally come up to speed. Wish other companies did. T_T

Not only is it more effort but it’s also very bad for nature.

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This process does not entirely eliminate the use of paper as you still have to print and sign your submission form. It does reduce the number of forms that you need to fill in particularly for bulk submissions. This also helps PSA a lot because now they don’t have to enter the cards into their system. Data entry is now done by “data entry clerks” (i.e. customers) and they don’t even have to pay for it. Overall it’s a very good system. I prefer this than using the old online form.

For those submitting cards using this new online form, it won’t hurt to put a note to PSA to use the new (slightly) thicker holder just in case that 2 pallets of old holder still exist. I did this with my recent submission.

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I agree that the new online submission system is amazing!

It only took 2 1/2 years to create that feature lol. Kept having tons of trouble with it. Kinda like the Our honorable president care website :wink: