PSA Group Grading - submitting cards for you!


I am offering a very unique service: I will be accepted cards from people to submit to PSA for grading! If you’ve ever wanted to get some of your cards graded, but can’t afford the expensive grading fee and pricey shipping costs, then this is the deal for you!

Please view the following document to see how this will all work:[1]

If you want to know more about the grading process and PSA, visit the grading section of their website at:

I will be doing all the paperwork involved in the submission process; all you do is pay and ship. When shipping your cards, please put them in a sleeve - toploaders are optional.

All cards must make it to me by August 16th, as I will be dropping off the submission on August 17th. This date is subject to change.

The email associated with this process is All contact and payments are done with this email address.

This deal is open to United States and International residents.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please post here or email me.

Hi, I think I can send to you some of my cards for PSA grading! I was just looking for someone reliable to which to send the cards to the psa grading service.
I’ll pm you for more info :blush:

Yeah, I’m thinking of pushing the date back because a majority of participants so far can’t make the date I set.

I’ll definitely need one of you guys to submit cards for me in the future. At this time I still want to wait a bit more until I have accumulated all the cards that I want for grading. There are a couple in the mail and some others I’m still looking for. I’m pretty sure tho this will not be the last time one of the trusted guys on this page is gonna do such group submission. Next time I’m in!

I will probably wait for a future session with you guys.
I’d prefer an unbulk orderer instead of bulk, but if it is cheaper…

But on the other hand some people might prefer paying the extra $6 and have it done through the regular service and have the cards back 3 x faster i.e 10 days.

I reckon people who are getting cards graded to sell would probably go for a faster route because they will be able to sell the cards quicker so you might want to add another service or something instead of just the 45 day option.

If I offered the normal grading service, I couldn’t save people any money on the grading fee. In fact, I’d want to charge more than the normal fee. Why would they choose me?

Yes that’s true as well I doubt you will get a lot of customers through UPCCC as most of the cards on here expensive even the cheaper ones probably cost $50+ you would want to target gym, beach or even youtubers as they would probably prefer the cheaper and longer route.

If you want to make a decent amount of cash from grading I reckon those 3 would have the most customers.

Well right now I am just doing this to cover my own grading costs :stuck_out_tongue:

I asked PokePop on 'Gym and he said he doesn’t want me promoting this there, which sucks because that was the place where I was expected the most business from.

I just made a Youtube video advertising this as well. Youtube seems like a good community because there are a lot of younger kids who just grade random cards to have them graded because they think it’s cool :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, I added the 10 day turn-around service. I’m gonna charge $16 for it. So pretty much the only savings are gonna be on shipping with that service, which can actually be a good amount for international residents.

If it gets a 10 it’s free. 9 or below pay $5 extra :stuck_out_tongue: lol
That would be a good way to make money! I’m glad you don’t charge extra because I don’t and I’m pretty sure most people on here wouldn’t really want to. It really helps build a strong community when you can send a bunch of cards to someone you’ve never met and only know through a small forum and know that they will return back safe in a couple months. And donating your time to do the paperwork and go to the post office and stuff is really nice. I’ve been through all of this and it is a lot of work but it also helps us PSA members send off more cards of our own in the long run since we save on grading fees and shipping.

Im interested in the shorter ten day service :slight_smile: where do I sign? Lol

Also how did you get a reply from Pop? His Pm is always full

@raichuforyou Thanks for the positive words! I have been struggling with trust issues over on reddit, so it’s nice to read your comment :blush:

@pokemontrader Just email me your list of cards to and we can work from there!
Also, PokePop allows you to email him through the forum :stuck_out_tongue:

This may be something I’d jump on in the future. Sucks about the 'gym, they seem to be pretty strict there, but PokePop seems to be a nice enough guy IRL.

I’ve emailed him, and he never replies.
Emailing you now!

I usually like the gym but its run like a kiddie piddle park. Any suggestion that doesn’t benefit them gets shot down even if its good for the community. I love your idea daeium and your prices are waaaay fair because of the work involved.
To those of you considering this…send your cards to Daelum today. No excuses or delays cause its for your benefit;)

It’s cause you never ask the important questions :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Haha just kidding. It took him almost two days to reply, and his reply was 1 sentence, so I don’t feel that special.

What’s a kiddie piddle park? hahaha
Thanks for the good faith gary, I really appreciate it :blush: