PSA: To submit, or not?

Hey guys,

So, I have near a hundred of the new JPN SR/UR cards from BW1 through EX Battle Boost. I consider myself to be a seasoned grader, and put all of these cards at PSA 9 or PSA 10 (with maybe one or two PSA 8s). Do you think it is worth sending these in a bulk order? @elam18, @bagoly14, @daelum, you guys have already convinced me to grade the lottery promos in the near future. :wink: I am a bit hesitant with the rest, as it would cost nearly a grand. But, if the appreciation in value is greater than that by a significant amount, than I would certainly consider it. What are your thoughts?


As long as you don’t mind spending a lot of time actually getting the return on that investment, go for it. It’s less about if there’s appreciation to be had and more about how incredibly long they would all take to sell. If you aren’t personally attached, you might even list them all right away for what you need to have out of them and let them sit for however many years it takes. :blush:

Why do it all at once? I have been grading my collection for about a year and doing it 30-50 cards at a time. That helped spread the cost out so it wasn’t too bad.
Also, if you want to do a lot of cards you should really get a membership (If you don’t have one?). It will save you a lot of money.

Are you looking to sell them or are you grading for your collection?

@funmonkey54, that’s a really wise point… I’ve come by some very desirable cards in the past and they still take forever to sell. PSA graded SR/UR would take ages longer… Yikes.

@raichuforyou, my main idea was to send in as many cards as possible for better rates. I wouldn’t mind spending a grand on one submission as long as the return is worthwhile. I am actually already a member so that’s not an issue.

@daelum, well, I am tentatively grading them for my collection but would only do so if it makes sense financially. I tend to keep my options open in case something unexpected pops up. I’d like to hold onto them though. :blush:

@bagoly14, how come not the SR cards? They are a bit more common, but they still have quite a bit of value on the western market.

That’s the best part: I am so incredibly picky with my cards that at least 90% of my SR will undoubtedly receive PSA 10s. Many of them are printed with factory indentations but I’ve replaced the vast majority of my SR cards at least once save for the odd few that I received in flawless condition on the first attempt. I’ve been a bit lax with the last few cards, but I’m very confident with the conditions on most cards.

However, I don’t think it’s worth it for the time that they would take to unload (if I do choose to sell them later down the road). I am so very tempted to sell my cards and put the money toward a new mustang… I wouldn’t quit entirely (I love the TCG wayy too much), but I’d pick a new goal. :stuck_out_tongue: In any event, I will most likely not grade them thanks to your feedback and everyone else’s. :blush:

I am French and I wanted my psa graded cards, but I do not know how! could you please help me
best regards

Contact: @daelum :blush:

I need to soon too! LOL!