PSA Sus Grading

I saw this on Reddit and how the hell did PSA give this a 1

There’s three really small dents on the top so it’s def 1 worthy :joy: But in all honesty, unless there’s water damage or something I can’t see this should probably be a 6 minimum

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Hi everyone. I’m the associate at PSA who graded this card. I understand there is some confusion as to why I gave this card a 1, our lowest grade. I’m happy to clear it up: this card f*cked my wife. If I could give it a zero I would.

Let me know if you have any questions, thanks!


There’s really no way to accurately judge the condition of the card from those photos. It could easily have a significant crease (or multiple), water damage, dents, etc. Regardless, it probably should’ve gotten a higher grade than it did solely because of the eye appeal.


Could be an entry error. But as stated above, there is no way to tell from those pics.


Enter the certificate number into PSA website and you will see a detailed up-close scan.

This card has multiple creases (maybe even water damage) on the back.


ahh yeah a lot of creases lmao, but imo 1 is harshhh

good binder copy though :wink:


PSA needs to adjust their scanner settings

On this subject, my last submission return contained a couple of PSA 6s that looked better than some of the PSA 10s. The practice of instantly giving a card a 6 because of an indent that is barely even naked to the human eye is beyond silly.


I get what youre saying but would you want to buy a card thinking you were getting a really clean 8 but in actual fact there is a dent in it that you couldnt notice?

Then put a qualifier on the grade like they do with stains and OC.

A card with incredibly noticeable edge wear on every corner should not receive a higher grade than a card that has an almost microscopic indent but is clean everywhere else.

I can agree with that actually. I have a shining gyarados which is a 6 for this exact reason the card looks like a 10 and the dent is very small so i just keep it and consider it a 10 haha.


i agree that an automatic 6 for a very minor crease or dent is a bit harsh, but I also wouldn’t really put it above a 7. then again, i do have some 8s that are in seriously questionable condition for a “NM-MT” card