Very excited to send these off

-hoping for 9s praying for 10s :blush:

Wow, it’s amazing to see all those cards - can’t wait to see them in PSA cases! I assume you are grading for your collection?

Btw, I really enjoyed the end of that video haha

Awesome cards and great video too. Good luck on your submission.

Yes, well partially - i have the holo sets for 1st ed Neo Destiny, Japanese E series 1, Aquapolis, and Skyridge I still want to have graded, but this submission is my ‘trophy cards’ i guess. Im waiting on a few more gold stars and the zorua Illus 2010 to come in before i send them off. Im super exicted :DDD

Best of luck on your submissions!!! Please post the results when you get them, that’s always very exciting. :blush:

What do you reckon the Masaki cards will grade? They’re very difficult to get in mint grades. :confused: