PSA Set Registry - Set suggestion, shiny Pokémon / Charizard

Hey all, I’m a huge fan of shiny Pokémon and therefore have been hunting them through the years. I was wondering if there’s any way to suggest a new set (shiny Pokémon / shiny charizard) to PSA.

With the increasing popularity of sets like Hidden Fates and the new Shining Fates, along with many secret rare shiny Pokémon’s along the years (shining / gold star / SH pokemon / SL Pokémon / BW pokemon)

It would be cool for new and old collectors to be able to show off their shiny dex through the PSA set registry.

Thanks for reading!

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Hey there! I tried to put this out to PSA and I never got a response. I am also a big shiny pokemon collector on the TCG and I wonder what can we do to push this to happen. Let’s stay in touch to check each other collections, I think I have seen you on the PSA registry for Hidden Fates!


I got them to put up a set a few years ago. I will say they are VERY slow at responding


I’d like PSA to add a set registry for just E series Holofoil run. And maybe Neo Holofoil run. They obviously have the wotc Holofoil run which I rank 7th on coming for 6th place! But I’d like them to have the other ones I mentioned. There is 96 regular E series holos and 9 Crystals that’s 105 cards which definitely grants it’s own set