Psa set registry goals

Im off to buy 4 eevees and be the worlds most passionate eevee collector. I think @eeveeteam will appreciate the effort. :wink: Double trouble lol.

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Another question- is the set registry on the honor system? Do you need to provide scans of cards you own?

Internally you will have to register a PSA cert number to fill a slot.

Theoretically you can fill in certs you don’t own, however as a cert can only be bound to one account in the registry, the actual owner can file claims to PSA with photos of the actual card to have the cert reassigned to the right account. The same cert can be used to fill in multiple lists under the same account.

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It is based on the honor system. People have claimed certs that they didn’t own before and were banned for doing so. It’s not worth it to be blacklisted from future submissions

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Pretending to own someone else’s card so you can have one more card to beat out another collector in a virtual set registry might be the saddest moment for a plastic case hoarder.


when someone snipe pop 1 card from me. I snipe them back. :japanese_ogre:

Loving this collection goal

I went hard on the Umbreon registry

Slowly working on the Espeon now